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winter safety tips

Winter is full of icy and snowy weather that can cause car accidents and leave severe injuries. Keep yourself and your family safe when you venture out this winter season. By informing yourself of some important safety tips, you can save yourself from a dangerous accident. Many suggest tips from keeping extra supplies in your car for emergencies to staying warm during a possible power outage.  Incorporate some of these important tips in order to stay healthy and safe this winter season!


Winter Safety Tips


Keep from Slipping

shovel snow

Through the cold months of the year, ice can accumulate on outdoor walkways and driveways. This ice can cause you to fall and cause a serious injury to your back, hip, or posterior. To avoid having ice accumulate on your walkways, make sure that you spread melting salt on your walkways and driveways. Do your best to keep your walkways and driveways free of snow to avoid having snow melt and refreeze. If you are at public parking lots that could contain black ice, make sure that you keep your feet shoulder width apart to better keep your balance.


Avoid Getting Stuck!

car winter equipment

There are times where multiple inches of snow falls before road crews can properly clean it up. In order to avoid getting your tires stuck in the snow, you will want to keep a small shovel, kitty litter, and some road flares in your trunk. The shovel allows you to dig around your tires if you happen to get stuck off the side of the road.The kitty litter helps by giving your car some traction to drive itself out of the snow. If you can’t find cat litter, grab a bag of gravel instead. The road flares are convenient to get another passerby's attention if you happen to be stranded on a snowbank alone and are in need of assistance.


How To Heat Your Home

heat home

If you have a electrical heating system in your home, it is important to know how you can heat your home when a gas generator is not found. Easily build a space heater, with some large bricks, candles, and a large terra cotta pot sitting atop the bricks and over the candles to capture the heat. This is a great way to stay warm when you are in a pinch, especially if you expect the power to be out for a few days. However, once you head to bed, make sure to not leave the fire unattended!



It is crucial that you are careful during the winter months due to the inclement weather. Learn how to avoid being stuck on the side of the road, falling down, or freezing when the power goes out. It doesn't hurt to be prepared! Better to prevent an accident before it happens.

Stay safe and warm this winter by following some of these simple winter safety tips!

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