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recycle plastic bags

You return from a trip to the grocery store and empty out your groceries. Now you have plastic bags gathering in your kitchen. But what else do you use these plastic bags for? What are some ways to recycle plastic bags in a way that is effective and useful?

Here are a few creative ways to reuse these plastic bags.


Ways To Recycle Plastic Bags


Place on your Mirrors:

car mirrors

Place some of these plastic bags on your car mirrors and windows to prevent frost or ice from gathering on cold evenings. This prevents you from having to scrape off ice from your windows. The last thing you want when you're in a rush is to wait for the car to warm up!


Keep in your Glove Compartment:

glove compartment

If you want to keep your car neat and tidy, reuse some of these plastic bags as a trash bag in your car. This is an especially helpful tip if you frequently transport children.


Use as a Protective Surface Cover for Crafts:

plastic cover

If you enjoy working on craft projects, a plastic bag is a great way to protect your workspace surface from getting messy. Just cut along the seams of the bag to create a mess free workspace. If you are painting or dealing with glue, this is especially helpful.


Make “Yarn” with Plastic Bags:

yarn plastic

Many people cut up the plastic bags into long strips to use as yarn for crafts. You could also weave it into a thick material making it a handmade basket for your belongings. This yarn can be used to create lots of different crafts such as entrance rugs, area rugs, tote bags, wallets, and more!


Pillow and Pet Bed Stuffing:

pillow stuffing

Use the plastic bags as stuffing for large pillows and pet beds. For pillows on outdoor furniture, this is an especially good idea since it can be exposed to the weather. This prevents it from accumulating mildew because it won’t absorb moisture. Ideally, you will want to use a material designed to withstand the elements such as outdoor fabric for the pillow case or for an outdoor pet bed.


Make Plastic Bags into Beads:

plastic beads

You can actually take strands of plastic bags and make them into hardened plastic beads. Use for decoration or to create some jewelry!

You will need some regular crafting wire. Wrap the strips of the bag around regular crafting wire and heat it up over a candle. Cool it by dabbing on a wet sponge. Use your fingers to shape the bead into a smoother style that you want. Keep heating the plastic and cooling it with the sponge until the bead is completely hardened. When melting plastic, you will experience fumes so remember to open a door or window while doing this. When you are finished creating your bead, decorate it with nail polish or acrylic paint to your liking. Allow it to dry and now you can use it for your next jewelry project!



Plastic bags can be harmful to the environment, which is why more and more people are trying to find ways to reuse and repurpose these bags. Save yourself some money on materials and make your own fun crafts. If you are interested in making crafts out of plastic bags, there are plenty of different tutorials available on the internet. See if you can come up with more creative ways to use plastic bags!

Want to know more ways to recycle plastic bags? Take a look here!



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