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free fitness apps

Since the inception of apps, few can argue that they have not significantly improved lives in many ways, especially in the area of fitness. For those of you who are penny pinchers, you may not want to spend money on an app, even if you are trying to increase your fitness level. Luckily, there are many great fitness apps available out there for absolutely free! If you are already making your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight this year, here is a list of some free fitness apps that will make reaching your fitness goals much easier!


Free Fitness Apps


Google Fit

google fit

This app is a multi-functional app that helps you to manage your fitness goals. Made by Google for Android phones, this is a reliable and user friendly app that allows you to set daily exercise goals. The app tracks your calorie output each day, including the inactive calories we all burn by simply existing, which do add up for weight loss.

Google Fit also tracks your miles active and has the ability to detect if you are doing a certain activity such as walking. The tool allows you to look back and see your past performance, so you can adjust your exercise routine to get the most effective calorie output.


Lose It

lose it

Lose It is another Android App that allows you to track your calorie input and output, as well as your weight over time. This app provides you with a list of dozens of activities, with the ability to add more through customization.

It lets you add the calorie amounts for your favorite foods and allows you to search their database for the calorie count. This would include menu items at your favorite restaurant or the calorie count for your favorite brands at the grocery store. Being able to use this app as a mobile food and fitness diary will make reaching your fitness goals much easier!


30 Day Fit Challenge

30day challenge

If you are looking for an app to help you tone, this app is exceptional in guiding a workout for you. Broken up into specific target area exercises, this app gives you a plan and a calendar to let you know where you are on the 30 Day Challenge. With 24 different challenges, ranging from beginner to advanced, this is a great app to help guide you through your entire fitness journey.




There are those that will pay hundreds for expensive pedometers, and then there are the money savvy people who get the same result for free! The free pedometer app available in the Google Play Store is very accurate. It is able to track your rate of speed, time, steps taken, calories, and distance.

Since walking has become more of a fitness recommendation, more and more women are wanting to keep track of their steps. This app allows you to do it for free and see how you can add more steps to your daily routine. If you are trying to start becoming more active after being sedentary for some time, this app and a daily goal of walking 10,000 steps a day will help you to shed pounds.



Whether you want to get fit or stay fit, these free fitness apps can help make the process much easier for you. Get these great free apps and start your fitness journey today! Once you see the results they provide, you will regret not having these free apps downloaded sooner. Reaching your fitness goals does not seem so hard after all, does it? :)

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