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morning meditation

You know what is the worst part of waking up? When you have to leave the bed. Yes, that warm and fuzzy place which promises you great comfort. That’s a hard task even for adults. It’s so tempting to just turn off the alarm and have another 30 minutes of sleep. But guess what? You got work to do and you don’t want to be called lazy. You need a good morning routine that will give you a jumpstart to your day. Once you get that energy, you will start performing tasks with dedication. You’ll feel a sense of liveliness which will drive you only forward. That’s why the following morning meditation moves are so important for you to perform as soon as you wake up.


Morning Meditation


1. Be At Restrest

Lay down straight on the floor with your knees bent. Your knees should be at a good resting distance to your hips. Place one hand over your heart and place the other on your belly.

Start deep breaths and feel your chest and belly inhale and exhale the air. Do it for two minutes.


2. Give Room To Your Chestchest breathe

This is for opening up your chest muscles which will make it even easier for you to breathe.

For this, place a block for support under your shoulder blades and another under your head. Lay on it and spread your arms to the sides weightlessly. Lay with crossed legs or feet on the floor with knees bent. Do it for two minutes, then get up and rest for two minutes.


3. Old Fashioned Meditationmeditation

The seated meditation is probably the most famous form of known meditation.

Sit straight on the floor with crossed legs. Now, keep your hands on your thighs. Keep the position of your hands facing up on your thighs to receive energy to your body.

If you’re feeling stressed or are in anxiety, place your palms down on your thighs. Now, close your eyes and breathe in the surrounding air. Take deep breaths and keep doing it for five minutes.


4. Fold Overfold over

Sit straight on the floor with your legs crossed. This time, you need to fold over to the ground by resting your arms to the floor and keep your head on the arms. If you’re feeling uncomfortable placing your head on the arms, then use a block to place your head on it.

Breathe and feel your back receiving the air and expanding. Do it for one minute.


5. Stretching Downwarddownward dog

Take your position and have your feet at hip-distance from each other. Now fold over to the ground and place your hands at shoulder distance on the floor. If this posture makes your back go round, then bend your knees a little bit.

Now, you need to take 10 comprehensive breaths at this position. Then, get back to normal position and rest for one minute.


6. Folding Forwardfolding forward

Stand and have your toes point straight and your feet at hip-distance from each other. Now, bend over and bend your knees a little so that your torso can rest upon it. Hold your elbows from your hands and leave your upper part of the body hanging.

Take 10 deep breaths and then return to your normal position.


Phew! Quite a workout, right? Wake up 15 minutes early each morning to perform these moves. It only takes 15 minutes and you'll be surprised at the difference in your mental health. This morning meditation routine will surely pump the energy you need to get a good start to your day! So let’s start!


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