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Not all shoes are the same and hence every pair requires different treatment. Yet, there are common tips to shoe care to increase their lifespan. Follow these for your favourite pair of shoes and have them last for as long as possible!


9 Tips for Shoe Care


  1. Invest In Quality From The Very Scratch!

Similar to all other things you purchase, quality counts in the case of shoes too. Focusing on quality will definitely pay off better in the long run. Shoes that have been made well and with care have the ability to handle rough use better than ones made for cheaper. Replacing shoes constantly can be a pain and can add up to be quite expensive, so invest in a durable pair whenever you can!

The material used to make the shoe pair matters too! Natural materials like suede and leather last way longer than the synthetic.

  1. Washing Machines Are A Strict ‘NO’!

Throwing your shoes in the washing machine is not recommended, especially for canvas shoes. It's easy and tempting to run them through the wash and dryer, and although it gets a nice clean, it actually wears down the material a lot faster.

Hand scrubbing the shoes is a better option. It’s better if done immediately so that dirt doesn’t accumulate!

  1. Stuffing With Newspaper

This has a lot of benefits to its name. Stuffing your shoes with newspaper alleviates the odour out of the shoes, helps in drying of the shoes in case they get wet, prevents dry rotting and also preserves the shape! Set aside your morning newspaper after you're done reading to use it for your shoes.

  1. Grab A Water Repellent And SPRAY!

Always, always, ALWAYS! Waterproof your shoes by spraying them with a water repellent. You can buy these sprays in many shoe stores at a cost of $5-$10. This protects the shoes, especially during the cold months. Additionally, make sure you wash off salt that could have got into your shoes to avoid the stains.

  1. Try Repairing Before Replacing Them!

You loved the pair, right? Then why not put in a little effort and try to restore them. If the leather looks dull and you do not have shoe polish in matching colour, go to the store.

There are chances that if you scape your pump toes, the guy at the shoe repair shop may fix them to looking as good as new again!

  1. Have A Safe Storage Place For Your Shoes

Don't think they only do damage when they're on your feet. The place where you store your shoes, once they’re off the feet, can also contribute significantly to their deterioration.

So, make sure you find the best spot! Keeping shoes at a wrong place can possibly cause scratching, fading and many other damages. Keep away from direct sunlight and pile up neatly in pairs.

  1. Shoehorns?

When you’re trying to glide your feet into laced shoes, it’s not particularly effortless. In the process, the heels may get crunched. Why not use a heel collar and prevent the damage! Bonus: Your back will thank you too

  1. Buff And Shine Them

After using, make sure you clean your shoes. Polish for spotless look. Once the polish dries, take a rag and buff them. Consistency in this can make the shoes last for ages!

  1. Moisturize Them!

Seriously, that’s one important thing to do! Especially in leather shoes, moisturizing helps in preventing the cracking of shoes. A quality shoe cream would be a great investment!


Now that you know all these helpful tips to shoe care, start taking care of your shoes and have your favourite pair last! Don't be afraid to spend for a better quality pair to prevent early breakage.

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