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tips on saving money

Christmas season is the busiest traveling days for people around the globe. Knowing this, some companies increase the rates for tickets during this period. You will need to know the proper strategies in order prevent spending an absurd amount. Here are some tips on saving money for holiday travel expenses such as plane tickets, car rentals, gas, and hotels. Enjoy the holidays with your family without breaking the bank!


Tips on Saving Money for Travel:


1. Use Travel Websites to Book your Hotel Roomhotel websites

Many travel websites such as Hotwire, Travelocity, and Kayak have deals with hotels that offer nights for a lower rate in order to fill their rooms. The earlier you are able to book, the better rate you will be able to find. During the holiday season, rooms will fill more quickly and rates can increase due to the demand.


2. Use a Home Swaphome swap

You can save lots of money on a place to stay by renting a room or home for a few days over the holiday season. Websites such as Airbnb allow people to find affordable rooms or homes for temporary rent. Many homeowners rent out their homes while they are away, whereas others stay in their home and will allow you to stay in a guest room or basement suite. This is a safe way to rent as homeowners are screened beforehand and many of these people run their Airbnb like an actual business.


3. Get Lower Rates on Plane Faretravel sites

You can find lower rates on plane tickets using sites like Expedia which allow you to compare rates from multiple airlines. Booking your flight in the middle of the week can save you up to $100 on a direct flight roundtrip. Tuesday departure and return dates seem to have the lowest rates on airfare, allowing you to allocate your funds elsewhere for your trip.


4. Take a Traintrain

If you have to wait until the weekend to start your journey, it may be a better option to use a train rather than taking a flight. This will save you from the hassle of going through airport security and having to wait for hours at an airport during a layaway. Although, it takes much longer, if you have the time to spare, this can save you a couple hundred dollars.


5. Save on Car Rentalscar rentals

Don’t rent a car from the airport, but instead use your GPS to find a car rental place not far from the airport. Make sure that you use a car rental chain that is inexpensive like Enterprise or Alamo. Also check for discounts on car rentals online to save even more!



You can use these tips on saving money while you travel about for the holidays. Stretch your dollar further during this holiday season by traveling smart. Use these strategies to save on plane tickets, car rentals, and accommodations while you are visiting your family and friends!

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