How To Stop Overthinking

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Thinking is an important part of planning and if you’re not thinking properly, your plans can go wrong in no time. Yes, that is true, but when you cross that barrier and start a looping process of criticizing everything you're feeling uneasy - know that you are overthinking!

Now, the web of overthinking is a fine one. You get tangled into it without even knowing how much of a chaotic state you are in. The worst part? You don’t know you are ‘killing’ yourself by doing that. You think you are focusing or evaluating things - but the reality is way more different and too darn scary. You need to know that ladies!

I wish we had a meter in our minds showing levels of thinking and an alarm system, which rings when we start overthinking… But, guess what? There isn’t.

Want to know how to stop overthinking? Follow these tips to avoid this nightmare-ish state of mind:


Accept It

You can’t mend a chair if you don’t acknowledge that it’s broken. If you don’t accept that it's broken, there's no reason to fix it - and the chair will remain broken until you choose to see the flaw.

Now apply this same example to your overthinking problem. You can’t solve it without accepting it. Realizing that you are overthinking is the first step towards getting rid of it.

Forgive Yourself

Now that you have admitted that you are an overthinker - don’t get mad and start blaming yourself for all the problems you are facing - just have the vitality to forgive yourself for that.

Know that you are your own destroyer and savior.
What matters is - what you choose to become!

Stop getting into a trap of negative feelings. When you're in a funk, you start seeing a nonexistent connection between all that is going wrong in your life, which results in more sadness and negativity.

Breakaway from this habit and start feeling awesome. Calm down and breathe - there is always a way to make things better.

Talk Less

Many ladies have the habit of talking things out with others when they feel sad and worried. Now, sharing the problem with the right person does help you get better, but there might not always be someone right there to help you during that moment.

Suppose that the person you are sharing your worries with is also an overthinker. This may not benefit you as both minds will feed each other off, spiraling into negative thoughts. You may over-discuss matters, unknowingly, which will result in nothing but more misery. Keep in mind, don't completely rely on your friends to dig you out. You need to learn how yourself!

Get Into Physical Activities or Read a Book

To rid of your cloudy thoughts, get out of your living space, literally. Start doing some physical habits like walking, taking your pet or kids out, cardio, gym workout, yoga and many more. Choose your favourite physical activity and sweat that stress away! This will help you to move out from your overthinking spree and make you flow with the energy.

Another great way is to read a book. Getting lost in a story is one of the best ways to stray away from stressful thoughts. It puts your mind in an environment other than yours, relaxing your thoughts. If you are ever feeling anxious, take a breather and do some exercise or a hobby you enjoy!

“The Spectacular Now”

The problem with overthinking is that you are constantly figuring out (to put it mildly) the matters of the past. Understand that no matter how many issues you have, stressing over it will not make it better. Focus on the present and come up with a strategy that will ease your situation. Think logically!



There you go! It’s not easy, but it can be done. Don't put yourself down over problems that seem to be amplified by your thoughts. Learn to step back, remove yourself from the situation, and come back to it later when you have a fresh mind!

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