How to take Advantage of Holiday Bargains

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Retailers offer great deals during November and December in order to help bring customers into the door. Take advantage of these great deals while they are available by equipping yourself with a few tricks. This is especially important when you are looking to buy presents for the holidays, to prevent from breaking your bank!

Here are some tricks to take advantage of these great holiday deals.


  1. Match Prices

    holidaybargains2Many retailers will have a price match guarantee in their store. This price match is not only good for just other physical store competitors, but many stores will match prominent online retailers in price. Search through circulars or sign ups for a website that gives you alerts for sales. This way, this saves you time in knowing which store is running the best sale for you to ask for a price match. See which stores offer a price match and start there for the majority of your holiday shopping.


  1. Use Shopping Apps

    holidaybargains3There are many shopping apps available that can help you get discounts or allow you to make money while you shop. Some of these apps are run by major sites like Swagbucks, which will give you a number of points for every dollar that you spend. You can use these points to redeem gift cards or enter raffles. Others like Ebates will give you a percentage of cashback of your purchase from several different retailers. Ebates will also inform you of discounts available through major online retailers. By finding discounts and saving some money, it will allow your money to reach further this holiday season.


  1. Shop using your Credit Card

    holidaybargains4Many credit card companies offer cash back for your purchases. When you use your credit card to shop for the holidays, not only are you protecting yourself from credit card fraud, but you are also increasing your the amount of cashback that you can redeem. Combining this with the discounts and cashback given to you by shopping will allow you to have more money left over this holiday season.


  1. Be on the Lookout

    holidaybargains5You will need to be able to keep your eyes peeled for great deals when you are shopping this year. This includes looking for coupons and searching out discounts while you are shopping in store and online. *Tip: If you are buying online, save the products you want in your wishlist, so you can be notified if it goes on sale!


  1. Buy Wholesale

    holidaybargains6Buying wholesale allows you to get quality products at a low price. This is because wholesalers are wanting to get rid of their merchandise. The desire to move the merchandise will lead them to drop the price (a benefit for you!), even though it means less of a return for them.


These tactics will help you find the best holiday bargains this winter season. Shopping can be a nuisance, but being able to buy the gifts for everyone on your list effectively can be rewarding. Holiday shopping won't break your bank anymore if you budget and be a smart shopper!

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