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Black Friday is coming up soon and shoppers everywhere will be fighting for the best deals. For those of you that love great deals, there are some secrets that you might not know about Black Friday shopping this year. There are ways that you can guarantee that you get the best deals and for a few of these tactics, you don’t even have to brave the crowds. The world of online shopping and rough retail sales this year has revolutionized the way that many retailers are approaching Black Friday.

Here are a few Black Friday shopping skills that you can use to get all the gifts that you need this holiday season!


Check the Websites Before the Stores Open

There is news that retailers such as Wal-Mart will actually allow customers to get the in-store deals online a few hours before the stores actually open. In the case of Wal-Mart, the stores open at 6 p.m Thanksgiving Day. However, you can access their in-store deals on their website at 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. You can check deal alert sites to find out which stores are implementing similar strategies to Walmart.


Buy the items on sale BEFORE the Sale with your Credit Card

If your credit card offers price protection programs, such as Mastercard,  buy up the items that you know will be on sale before Black Friday.  Then you can send the receipt and the  dated Black Friday advertisement to your credit card company so you can get the Black Friday price without having to brave the Black Friday crowds. You can use this tactic to get discounts for items throughout the entire holiday season.


Fill up your Online Cart and then Abandon it

Put all the items that you want into your online shopping cart and then attempt to log out. Many retailers will send you a coupon code or discount in order to encourage you to buy the items that you have put in your cart.  This will give you even better deals on your holiday gifts.


Follow your Favorite Brands on Social Media

Following your favorite brands on social media sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat can give you access to coupons and deals that you can use online or even show to the cashier at checkout. Keep an eye on your phone as you shop for coupon updates.


Shop through a Shopping App online like E-bates

If you are planning to do a large amount of shopping online for the holiday season, use apps that will pay you for shopping. Ebates is one of the best because it offers cashback for shopping at thousands of different websites as well as some featured deals. The cashback rate ranges from 2% to as much as 13% from different retailers that partner with the site.


This Black Friday maximize your deals by following some of these great shopping hacks. If you are missing out on Black Friday sales because you have to work or you are traveling, remember you can use a few of these strategies to still get great deals on your holiday gifts. Keep these strategies in mind while you are shopping for Black Friday this year to gain the best gifts with the least hassle!

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