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The year is winding down, but most people’s stress is revving up. The holiday season is drawing near which requires shopping, cooking, and many more prep. The holidays are coming up which means that you will need some ideas of what to get for friends, family members, and even to spoil yourself. If you are buying for a woman that enjoys health and beauty products, it can be difficult to know what products to buy in such a saturated market. You want that special someone to have a smile on their face? Here are the top ten beauty gifts to get for her on your list this year. We have compiled a list of products for every budget.


  1. Project E Personal Microcurrent Handheld Machine 

    projecteholidaygiftsThis machine is designed for women’s faces to help them get rid of fine lines and wrinkles using low intensity electric pulses. The pulses prompt new cell generation. The Project E Personal Microcurrent Handheld Machine is available for less than $50.


  1. Volcanic Pore Clay Maskprojecteholidaygifts2

    A volcanic clay mask is designed to help cleanse and shrink pores as well as tightening skin so it acts as a facelift. Clay masks are able to be used on virtually any skin type. You can find volcanic clay masks online for around $20.


  1. Spa Treatmentprojecteholidaygifts3

    A spa treatment is a wonderful luxury gift for a close friend or relative. This can be as simple as a massage or as an all day luxury pampering. Prices are dependent on what the prices are in your local area.


  1. Face Mask Kitsprojecteholidaygifts4

    Give your friends or family members a face mask kit to give him the comfort of a spa from home. Face mask kits can come in many different varieties. This treatment is very popular in South Korea and it is credited for the women’s youthful appearance. You can find one of these kits online for under $20.


  1. High End Makeup Setprojecteholidaygifts5

    Many department stores offer free makeup kits from high end makeup companies after a certain purchase amount is reached. You can find some of these makeup kits from names like Sephora, Clinique, and Lancome. If you can get a bonus gift for a friend while going about doing your other holiday shopping, it can make your holiday shopping much easier.


  1. Airbrush Makeup Applicatorprojecteholidaygifts6

    For those women that want to have flawless looking makeup, an airbrush foundation applicator is the perfect gift. Professional makeup artists use them on some of the biggest names in entertainment and fashion. You can find an entire system for under $100 online and the applicator for under $50.


  1. Essential Oilsprojecteholidaygifts7

    Essential Oils are important for healthy skin, beautiful hair, and a relaxed mind. You can get a variety of essential oils such as rose water, lavender, and peppermint. You can find a set of these essential oils for under $20.


  1. Hair Massage Oilsprojecteholidaygifts8

    Hair massage oil promotes beautiful, sleek locks and speeds up hair growth. Winter can bring harsh weather that can do some damage on your hair on top of all the damage that is done by styling products, heat, and dyes. You can find most hair massage oil for under $30.


  1. Perfume

    projecteholidaygifts9Everyone enjoys smelling nice and a refreshing scent can really boost your confidence. Perfume can make you feel attractive and beautiful. You can find perfumes ranging in price from less than $10 to over $500.


  1. Retinol Cream

    projecteholidaygifts10Retinol Cream can diminish the looks of bags under your eyes and get rid of the wrinkles on your face. Retinol cream also rejuvenates your skin by providing important nutrients. You can find a Retinol Cream for less than $25 and over $100.


These many different beauty products will be a hit with the women in your life for the holidays. These top ten gifts are easy to find, with many of them being well within the range of affordability. Instead of debating what to get your friends and family this holiday, you can be confident that they will love your gift.

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