Kitchen Remodeling Ideas - For Limited Space

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kitchen remodeling ideas

The trend of small homes seems to be the new fad, but tiny kitchens? Pretty less desirable. What’s unfortunate is that both are often part of the same package. If you're unsatisfied with your kitchen space, maybe some kitchen remodeling will do the trick!

The kitchen can arguably be called the heart of the house, as the kitchen is the place every house member visits at least once a day. When you live in an urban apartment or a small house, your kitchen can be relatively smaller than the rest of the house. Put in a little effort to maximize the kitchen space! Put every inch of available space to use and see how uncluttered your kitchen will become!


Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


Roll On!

rolling cart

The best friend of a small kitchen is a rolling cart. Slide it in some corner or under the sink when you don’t need it, and wheel out whenever some extra counter space is required. Convenient and Helpful!


Work Up The Walls

wall shelves

Oops. The cabinets got filled up too soon? Where do we go next? Surely, the counter space is a tempting idea, but isn't it a precious working area?

Walls are often left blank, but this is a great opportunity to use them. Instead of stacking items on your work station, install hooks and shelves on the wall. This can significantly increase the available storage space. Much of the stuff can be accommodated by hanging or placing on shelves.


Knife Blocks?


Nope! These can suck up a lot of space. Why not have a mounted rack for knives instead. This way, you’ll have your kitchen tools within your reach, but at the same time, they will be tucked neatly and out of your way.


Grab A Pot Rack

pot rack

You can hang it either from the ceiling or on the wall and these are space savers for all sorts of cookware and utensils.


Go For More*

kitchen island

*This may not be applicable to a lot of people who doesn't have the space for an island. If you do have the room, these provide lots of needed workspace and can also be used as a place for eating. Moreover, an island with space underneath it can be used to stash other kitchen supplies or stools too!


Opt For Only Needful And Smaller Sized Appliances

small kitchen appliances

If you don’t have to cook for a crowd on a regular basis, you can manage with a small stove or dishwasher. Also, there are many appliances that we tend to buy but rarely use. If you don't need them, don't buy it!


For Spicing up Your Kitchen

spice rack

You must have some little space which can only accommodate a narrow vertical shelf. That won’t be good enough to store cookware or any appliances though. But can it manage to hold the bottles of spices and condiments? Of course it can! A spice rack can easily be slipped into almost any available sliver.


Even though small kitchens may be limiting, it can still provide the necessary equipment you need. Do some kitchen remodeling and you'll be surprised at how successful it is. All that’s needed is proper planning and some smart storage ideas!

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