8 Tips To Note during Kitchen Renovations!

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Renovating the kitchen definitely adds grace and value to your place and luxury to your lifestyle. If done tastefully, taking note of all essentials and considering the important aspects, your efforts won’t go wasted at all. Wish to ensure a successful renovation of your kitchen?

Well, here’s the guide to perfect cabinets and appliances that will make you proud!

Select Good Quality

Sure, you won’t enjoy hanging drawers and partially open cabinets! Use the best quality hinges and drawer slides. Keep stapled drawers and particle board at bay. After all, you must be looking for long lasting stuff. Compared to particleboard, melamine, MDF or laminate, wood veneer is more durable for the interiors of the cabinets.

Stain or Paint?

Though stained wooden cabinets are good enough, they cannot be easily altered. On the other hand, brush painting gives a unique personality leaving space for alteration in the future.

Determine The Height Of Cabinets

In case the ceiling is eight feet, you may allow the cabinets to go all the way up. That will offer more storage space. Also, the extra space on the wall can either be left to the mercy of your creative artwork or used for fixing open shelves. For higher ceilings, you may decide to leave a fifteen to eighteen inch space between the ceiling and cabinet top.

Elegance For The Countertop!

Stained wood and white Carrara marble adds warmth as well as elegance to the complete setting. Wood-edged plastic laminate countertops, honed kirkstone slate, wiarton limestone and soapstone also look great!

Overdoing Details Is A Strict No!

Keep it simple and elegant. The style of your renovated kitchen must complement the overall look of your house. Your kitchen and house must be compatible with each other. Design accents can generally prove to be decorative excesses, which are neither required, nor too appealing.

Install A Workable Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands give a modern look, but a bulky cube won’t do at all. Is it not supposed to be airy and open after all? Ideally, it should have an uncluttered appearance, with the least of appliances. Yet, if you insist on the installation of a cooktop or dishwasher sink combo, make sure not to disturb the simple look.

Appliances!? Let’s Stick To The Basics

Instead of stuffing your kitchen with truckloads of electrical appliances, consider selecting only the basics from a reliable brand. For instance, instead of separate cooktop and wall ovens, a stainless - steel range of commercial - quality would take up lesser space and also become an interesting focal point.

What About The Maintenance Nightmares?

Natural surfaces having an inherent texture are comparatively difficult to clean but are a great help to camouflage the odd crumb. Consider terracotta, tumbled marble, slate and brick. Ceramic floors or other light coloured smooth surfaces are easier while cleaning, but also show everything clearly. Also, we’re well aware it’s a tough job keeping the much loved stainless steel smudge-free!


Look for kitchen renovations that will make you feel comfortable with the design. Ask for advice on what would work best with the layout of your kitchen. It is not about over-the-top expenditure that will give you the best results, but a thoughtful outlook and approach. Go for it!

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