5 Easy Tips on How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey

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The turkey is the focus of a Thanksgiving dinner, meaning everything in its preparation has to go perfectly. With that being said, many women get nervous as they cook the turkey for Thanksgiving. Knowing the proper method of cooking a turkey is half the battle. For those of you who generally avoid the oven, there are other ways to cook turkey with little effort. Whether you are making a turkey for the first time or just looking to make a better turkey, these pointers will guarantee that your bird comes out golden and delicious.

Here are some tips on how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey!

Put the Turkey in a Brine Overnight:

thanksgivingturkeyprep2The process of brining is used to make many meats moist and to add additional flavor. Brining your turkey is an easy way for you to make sure that you have a moist and delicious turkey coming out of the oven. Many brines include water, salt, sugar, and an array of spices.

Butter Up:

thanksgivingturkeyprep3Put butter or oil on the turkey before inserting it into the oven. This is an additional measure to ensure that you will not be serving a dry turkey. For vegans that object to using butter, you may want to consider peanut oil or sunflower seed oil.

Leave Out the Stuffing:

thanksgivingturkeyprep4While stuffing the turkey is popular, it actually can make preparing your turkey more difficult. A stuffed turkey requires more time to cook and the cooler cavity of the turkey can encourage some bacteria to grow inside your stuffing. Instead cook the stuffing in a separate pan. If you want to have a traditional stuffing taste you can always use some of the turkey drippings to add some flavor.

No Oven Required:

thanksgivingturkeyprep5If you are cooking a turkey for a smaller crowd, you don’t actually have to use your oven at all. You can purchase a boneless turkey breast and cook it in a slow cooker for mouth-watering turkey that you don’t have to constantly monitor. If you are more of a dark meat fan, you can also cook turkey legs in the same way. If you want a turkey fast, you may want to consider deep-frying or pressure cooking a turkey also.

Skip the Basting:

thanksgivingturkeyprep6Basting your turkey periodically throughout the cooking process can actually dry out your turkey. This is because the constant opening and closing of the oven requires the turkey to cook longer to get to the proper temperature. As a result the meat begins to dry out. Instead of basting the turkey, put some butter or oil onto the turkey before putting it into the oven.


Armed with these tips you will be able to serve up the perfect turkey this Thanksgiving! None of these tips require much effort, making them easy to squeeze in as you are preparing your Thanksgiving feast. One thing to remember when you are picking a turkey is that you will want to get a turkey that is large enough for every guest to have a pound to a pound and a half of meat. Using these turkey tips, you will be able to impress your guests with a beautiful and delicious turkey :D

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