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The mantra to stay healthy and fit is to add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in our diets. Instead of eating chips, burgers or donuts, people need to satisfy their hunger pangs through consuming fruits and vegetables. Not only do they taste great, but it will also give them a boost of energy to their minds and bodies.

The fruits and vegetables contain essential nutrients as well as anti-oxidants that have immense benefits. A few of those benefits are strengthening the immune system to fight off harmful infections, keeping the weight under control, enhancing the metabolism, making the minds sharper, making hair and nails better and many others. Moreover, most doctors advise their patients to eat fruits and vegetables more than meat or dairy items as they are quickly digested.


The Hygiene Factor:


Fruits and vegetables come from the soil or trees and so they may contain bacteria or chemicals from pesticides or insecticides on their surfaces. So it becomes really important to wash and clean them thoroughly to ensure that they are free from all the harmful substances. Even if people are consuming food items that are grown in their home garden, it is still important that they clean them carefully.  Here is a quick guide for washing produce:


Important Tip:

Take for an example, grapes. Grapes may be one of the most favorite fruits of people. The best thing about grapes is that they do not contain hard seeds that are unable to chew by people or may taste bitter. They are full of juice with a taste that is a mixture of sweet and sour flavors. Grapes do not only give a sweet splash to our mouths, but they have many incredibly healthy properties such as making the digestive system better, keeping the allergies away, balancing the blood pressure and many other similar benefits. Just like the other fruits, grapes are grown on trees. When they are ripe, the farmers cut them from the trees and sell them off in the market. But when you have bought the grapes from the market, you will find dirt on the grapes, which has mainly come from the stems and leaves attached with the grapes. So you need to wash the grapes in the following manner:

  1. Before washing grapes, make sure that your hands are clean and free from all kinds of dirt and bacteria.
  2. Next you need to take out a bowl and remove all the grapes from their stems. Throw away all the stems and leaves and rinse the grapes with running water.
  3. Now you need to sprinkle a little bit of baking soda as well as salt on top of the grapes and gently shake the bowl so that baking soda and salt reach every grape. You can also soak the grapes instead in baking soda for 20 minutes. 


  4. Take the bowl and move it under the running tap water. Make sure that the water is cold and running so that every grape is cleaned thoroughly.

This is possibly the best way to clean grapes as it removes all the dirt found on them. In fact, you can adopt this cleaning strategy for cleaning berries as well!

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