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christmas decoration storage

Christmas has finally passed and some of you may have already taken down trees and decorations. However, have you been putting them away in an organized manner? Unfortunately, most of us don’t have an organized system for putting away our decorations, which can lead to chaos when you get out your decorations next year. For those of you who have been procrastinating and want to start cleaning up, avoid a disorganized mess with these ingenious Christmas decoration storage hacks below!


Christmas Decoration Storage Tips


1. Wrap up your Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are easily tangled and gnarled once they are put away in a box. Instead of simply throwing them in a box, use a cord holder to prevent this from happening. Buy a extension cord holder at your local hardware store or use a clothing hanger to wrap your lights on. To secure the string of lights in place just plug both ends of the cord into each other.


2. Store your Ornaments in an Egg Carton:

Keep your ornaments from breaking or getting lost this year by storing them in an old egg carton. If the ornaments are too big to store in a closed egg carton, cut off the top of the carton and put all of your individual ornaments in a plastic bag to protect while in storage.


3. Organize your Decorations by Category:

You may want to make it easier on yourself by organizing your decorations by color or theme, so you can easily access them depending on how you want to use them next year. If you have enough decorations use a large storage bin. Separate your decorations in the bin with some dividers to keep them nice and neat. Don't forget to label them!


4. Try to keep your Christmas Decorations in One Place:

To make it easier on yourself when getting your decorations out next year, try to store all of your Christmas decorations in one place. Whether that is in a storage unit or in an unused corner of your basement, having all of your Christmas decorations in one place makes setting up for next year nice and easy.



These Christmas decoration storage tips will help to make your Christmas setup much easier from here on. Instead of being frustrated and exhausted by dealing with a tangled mess of decorations next year, you will be able to find exactly what you need each time. Put less stress on yourself next Christmas by using these great Christmas storage tips!

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