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We all want to make sure that our homes are clean, but many cleaners have highly toxic chemicals which can actually be damaging to you and your family. Instead of paying for toxic chemicals, you can actually save money by using common household items to clean your home. These natural cleaning products will do the job just as well! Many of these are available in large quantities and will cost you only a fraction of the price of commercial household cleaners.

There are no complicated directions on how to use these products or how to dispose of them opposed to commercial cleaners. Here are some common non-toxic cleaners that you can use to keep your home clean and put your mind at ease.


Natural Cleaning Products At Home


Baking Soda:

baking soda

Baking soda is great to use as a way of cutting down on stinky odors, such as those that may come from your garbage can or litter box. Baking soda can brighten up white counter tops, stove ranges, and sinks.

If you want to keep food fresher in your refrigerator, baking soda is effective in cutting down on the bacteria in your fridge. This natural cleaning product can also help get rid of those mysterious messes that end up collecting at the bottom of your fridge.


White Vinegar:

white vinegar

Vinegar has many cleaning uses that seems to have been forgotten in more modern times. The acidity in vinegar means that it can practically cut through any mess. In fact, you can use vinegar to get rid of grease.

It is also effective in getting rid of soap scum, water spots on mirrors, and stubborn grime. Vinegar can be used to clean practically anything around your home including the walls, the floors, ovens, and microwaves. Such a useful product!


Lemon Juice:

lemon juice

Natural lemon juice is a powerful cleaner and can give your home a fresh scent. It can kill mold and mildew easily, making it a cheap alternative to costly toxic products. If you ever need to brighten up some of your dingy clothes, but don’t want to use bleach, lemon juice is the perfect solution!




When you come across residual food or limescale, salt is a natural cleaner for those hard to clean substances. In combination with vinegar and water, salt also makes an exceptional and affordable silver polish.

In fact, vinegar and salt is such an effective method of cleaning silver, that it is the way that the housekeepers to the English royal family use to keep their cutlery looking their best.


Hydrogen Peroxide:

hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is used in medicine to help disinfect wounds. It is also a highly effective and non-toxic disinfectant to use around your home. Hydrogen peroxide in combination with Dawn or Castile liquid soap is a highly effective spot stain remover for carpets and clothing. In combination with baking soda, it can also diminish the look of rust and hard water stains in your home.



Many of us have been giving our home a tidying up in anticipation of holiday gatherings or parties. With these non-toxic and affordable cleaning alternatives, you can assume that your family and guests will be safe from dangerous toxins. Best of all, if you happen to have curious children or animals, you don’t have to worry if they come into contact with these products. Save yourself money by using these natural cleaning products in your home.

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