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how to declutter your house

Love your house? Of course you do! But why are there so many mismanaged items in your house? We have the answer to this. Your house is bloated with things and items, which need your immediate attention for some serious tidying up. A cluttered house can be stressful when you're trying to find that one item and don't know where to look.

Let’s have a look at the tips you can follow to have a nice and organized house:


How to Declutter Your Home


If You Don't Need It, Don't Buy It

Yes. It’s tempting to buy 5 buckets at once when you see a ‘75% off’ tag, but what good will they be if you don’t have anywhere to put them? Maybe one or two will get under a table or kitchen counter, but what about the others? You will probably shove them at the corner of a room and later think, “Why did I buy these?”

Never buy things you don’t need. Before shopping, make a list of the necessary items before purchasing them. Refrain from overspending things that will either take up too much space or have no use. Save space AND money!


De-clutter One Room At A Time

You have come to the conclusion and realized your house looks like it has been ransacked. Don’t go mad and start managing all the rooms of the house at once. Attacking a huge workload at once can be stressful, possibly demotivating you even more.

Instead, what you can do more easily is to organize one room at a time. Start with the most cluttered room.

  • Get those shoes out of my sight - How many times has it happened that you tripped on your own shoes? It’s ridiculous, right? Start making space for your shoes to keep. Use lower shelves or tables with shelves under them. If you have lots of shoes, a tall shoe rack may do just the trick.
  • What is with all the cables? - Your room wouldn’t have cluttered cables and electronics if you’re living in 80s. Yes, the cables are annoying and pop through every drawer and table. It’s time to organize them. If you’re using a cable, place it with its device or under the device. If you’re not using it, wrap it and put in a designated drawer.
  • Garbage bags and Baskets - Use a garbage bag for the items you don’t use anymore. When the bag is full, keep it in a store room, give it to a friend who needs it or donate.
    Use baskets to keep everyday usable items close to you so you will know exactly where it is whenever you need it.


It’s A Regular Duty

You can’t get away by de-cluttering your house once a month. If you want your house to look clean and tidy, you need to make de-cluttering your habit. Do it regularly. If you see any item which is not in its right place, don’t wait for another day and put it back. Daily tidiness is easy if it's consistently kept up!


There you have it. An orderly house always looks elegant. Learn how to declutter and have a spotless and organized home!

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