How to Protect your Home for the Winter

Ivy Yu


Winter is quickly approaching, with temperatures dropping and plants beginning to wilt. Winter brings harsh weather and bitterly cold temperatures. Getting your home weatherproofed for winter will keep you warm this winter and save you on your energy consumption. Here are some ways to weatherproof your home so that you can be comfortable during this winter season!


  1. Use Weatherstripping on your Doors

    weatherproofhome2Weatherstripping prevents drafts from coming into your home. The weatherstripping will be able to prevent moisture from seeping into your home as well. To test if you need to get weatherstripping for your doors this year, take a dollar bill while the door is locked. If you can slip a dollar bill into the crack between the door jamb and the door, then weatherstripping is required. Weatherstripping is easy to apply on your own. Go to a hardware store and buy some foam weatherstripping with a sticky back for extremely easy application.


  1. Insulate your Pipes

    weatherproofhome3If you have metal or pvc plumbing pipes, you need to protect them from the elements. During winter, pipes are likely to freeze as the temperature drops. You can easily and cheaply insulate your pipes, preventing a rupture and even flooding in your home. Purchase some fiberglass insulation and use it on pipes in areas such as basements, attics, or crawlspaces. For pipes that are outside, you will want to insulate with electric heat tape or use a foam cover to prevent the pipes from freezing.


  1. Install Window Shrink Wrap

    weatherproofhome4Window shrink wrap can help prevent you from paying more for your power. Window shrink wrap allows you to stop heat from escaping from your home. Use the shrink wrap on the drafty windows of your home. If the appearance of the shrink wrap bothers you, put some heavy curtains up to cover up the look of the shrink wrap and increase the amount of insulation. You can seal this window shrink wrap with a hair dryer or a heat gun. This shrink wrap is very easy to install yourself and helps to reduce your heating costs by 30 percent!


  1. Reverse the Rotation of your Ceiling Fan

    weatherproofhome5It is a fact that hot air rises. If you have a high ceiling in your home, it can cost you much more in heating costs. You can reverse the rotation of your ceiling fan during the winter to push down the warm air, keeping the rooms of your home nice and toasty. You may have to consult an electrician to find out how to safely reverse the fan’s rotation.


Winter brings gusty winds, arctic air, and wet conditions, all which can cause you to spend more on your energy costs. Make your heating units more effective with these winter weatherproofing tips. Whether you have a gas or an electric furnace, a drafty home will make your furnace work harder and quickly drain your bank account. These easy tips for weatherproofing your home will save you money on your heating costs, preventing extensive damage to your house. Take advantage of the warmer fall days to protect your home before the harsh winter hits!

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