How to Save Energy and Money during the Cold Months

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The chilly weather not only takes a toll on your skin, but it can also hurt your wallet.  In the cold months, energy costs can go up significantly and eat up more of your paycheck each month. Luckily, there are many tips to help you save energy so you can stay warm and keep your bills down.

Here are a few ideas in how to save energy and money this winter year.


  • Weatherize your Windows:

    Windows can let cold air in when they are not properly protected against the the bitter temperatures. You can do this by using thick curtains or sealing with a heavy duty, clear plastic sheet. When you seal up drafty windows, you are allowing your home to heat up more efficiently.


  • Keep your Thermostat Low:

    In order to save some money during the winter, you will want to keep your thermostat at a temperature that is low but still comfortable. During the cold months you can keep the thermostat low and bundle up in clothes or blankets while you are home.


  • Turn Down the Heat while you Sleep or Away:

    Many people think that you should turn your thermostat off while you are out, but this is actually requires more energy. Turning your heat on and off every time you go out is more costly because the heater has to put out more energy every time you turn it back on. Instead, turn down the heat by ten to fifteen degrees. According to the website, turning down your thermostat will save you up to 10% on your energy costs each month.


  • Keep the Heat Off:

    If you have some rooms in your home that are barely used, such as a guest bedroom, don’t worry about heating this room. Keep the door to this room closed when it is not in use, so the warm air doesn’t travel into that room. When you have guests visiting, turn on the heat for the extent of their visit.


  • Turn Down Temperature on your Water Heater:

    If you are running your water heater high, you may be costing yourself more money than you realize. Turn down the temperature of your water heater to 120 degrees. This will not only save you 18% on your energy bill each month, but save your skin from being dried out during the winter months.


  • Keep the Lights Off:

    When you aren’t using a particular room, keep the lights out. This will save you on energy costs during the year. If you use Christmas lights, turn these off during the daytime while you are out. Turning off the lights will save you much of the energy used for Christmas decorations. In addition,  turning off the Christmas lights will reduce your risk of fire as Christmas trees are highly flammable.


All of these tips can help you save some money on your energy costs this year. Use this extra money in order to fund some of your holiday shopping or put it away for a rainy day. Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean that your wallet has to suffer. See how much you can save with these energy saving tips!


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