How to Prep your Home for the Holidays

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The holidays are fun times in which we get together with our family and friends. It can be a very busy time as you try to balance your everyday life with holiday planning, shopping, and parties. The best way to manage the stress of getting ready for hosting a holiday party is to start early. By prepping your home for the holidays, you can host a better event, avoiding the necessity to split your attention between several different tasks. Here are some strategies that you can use to prep your home for the holidays.



Obviously before you have company over you will want to do a thorough cleaning of your house. If you are short on time, set aside a week and tackle one room of your home at a time. If anyone in your family has severe allergies, it might be best to also get your air filter replaced or an air filtration system to help collect all the allergens floating in the air. Try to use natural cleaners to prevent any chemical residue from lingering.



If you are going to have small children in your home for a holiday get-together, you will want to move any expensive or fragile items up onto a high shelf or into a room that they will be unable to access. This helps to protect your valuables and avoid anyone getting injured. Prevent accidents as best as you can, especially with children running around! This may also be helpful for family members who bring their dogs to your home for the holidays. *Perhaps have some doggy treats handy :)



Decorating is one of the best parts of the holidays. Decorate your home a few days before the event so that if you want to change the placement, you have time before your guests arrive. This will also allow you to focus more on dinner preparation the day before and during your big event. A fun activity for small children that are coming to your event is to allow them to make their own decorations. This is a great activity for children and adults to do while waiting for dinner to be served. Make paper turkeys, popsicle stick ornaments, or little snowmen, depending on the holiday that you are celebrating.



As a hostess, you will want to make sure that your company is entertained while you are putting the finishing touches on dinner. If your family members aren’t big talkers, you may want to break the ice with a fun game. You could have them play a holiday themed charades for example. To make hosting easier, try to make some of the dishes that you are planning on serving in a crockpot. This way, you will be able to start early and have some extra space in the oven.


Hosting for the holidays can be a bit stressful, but if you take it in stride and plan ahead of time, you will make it much easier on yourself. Also don’t be afraid to ask your family for help, such as asking each family member to bring a side dish to the event. Keeping these ideas in mind will make the holiday season a lot easier on you this year.

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