Vacuum Cleaning Tricks - Make The Most Out of Your Vacuum

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Ever wondered why your house looks dusty, although you ‘vacuum’ it regularly? That is because you are just cleaning the floor, carpet and cloths with it, whilst overlooking many other things that need your attention (or in a way, your vacuum’s attention!)

Now, with everything else, vacuums are also evolving. You can opt for the ones with hoses and accessories, which help you clean better and faster. But are you really using these new features to their fullest? Let’s see! Check out the list below to make the most out of your vacuum.


1) Clean Your Cleaning Brushes

You use dusting and cleaning brushes every day, but do you ever clean your cleaning brush with a vacuum? Probably not! But why not? Because you didn’t know about it or maybe you never felt like doing it. But guess what? Your brushes also need cleaning and hence the vacuuming, don't neglect it!


2) Curtains, Shades And Blinds

If, previously, you have used brushes and cloth pieces to clean your blinds and curtains, you will never have to repeat it again. Clean your shades and blinds with a vacuum.

Now, there is a fair enough chance that you won’t get your hands dusty whenever you touch your blinds next time!


3) Mattress And Pillows

Every once in a while your mattress and pillows need cleaning, because they accumulate dust, hair and dust mites. It doesn’t matter if you have a bed cover on your mattress or not, you need to clean it regularly.

Vacuums have upholstery attachment for cleaning things like mattress and pillows. While cleaning, go through all the sides and use low suction for pillow vacuuming.


4) Air Conditioner Vents And Heating Ducts

Cleaning these areas in your house may seem unnecessary, but it isn’t. Dusty vents can decrease the performance of the air conditioner and it may also increase your electricity bill. In addition, it can blow dust into your house, something you definitely do not want! Use the soft brush (with bristles) to get into the vents.


5) Carpet Cleaning

Yes, you already clean your carpet regularly with a vacuum. But how is it working out for you? Is your carpet running out of appearance sooner than you expected?

The reason may be  the way you are vacuuming. Try not to vacuum like you are driving a race car. Your carpet cleaning needs a more comprehensive approach. Slowly move your vacuum on the carpet back and forth repetitively. This way, your vacuum can remove 85% of dust in your carpet, maintaining the colour of your carpet longer.


Additional Tips - The Don’ts of Vacuum Cleaning

Now that you know how versatile a vacuum can be, we’ll give you a few things which shouldn’t be cleaned with a vacuum, ever!

1) Hair - You shouldn’t be vacuuming up hair, because rolls of hair can get stuck into the plates causing the motor to burn. It may be a pain, but try to pick up your hair beforehand with some tape.

2)  Big Pieces of Glass - Glass pieces are always a threat to the vacuum as they can damage the bag. Grab some gloves instead and transfer the glass into a bucket for proper disposal.

3) Coin and Paperclips - These can stick into the plastic plate of the vacuum and may even break the plates. If you have a magnet, then you can easily pick these up without hassle!

4) Anything Moist - Never use your vacuum for cleaning a wet situation. Don't be lazy, use a paper towel to wipe it up first!

5) Fine Dust - Fine dust can clog your vacuum cleaner right away. Use a cleaning brush or a durable vacuum for that.

That’s it! Follow the tips and keep your house nice and clean for the following days! Isn't nice to come home to a sparkling house? :)

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