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Laundry cleaning seems pretty straight forward but it really isn’t (we wish it was). How many times did it happen that you put soap, detergent and clothes in the laundry machine and expect clean clothes, but what you get are half-cleaned clothes? You must be saying “Ah! Do I need to spend the whole day laundering?” You don’t.

You need to understand why this is happening with your clothes. How? From many other reasons, maybe you are overstuffing your laundry machine, adding more soap or not separating the fabrics. You need to break away from your bad habits and start getting into good ones. Below are some of the best laundry cleaning tips for you:

1) Stains 


Stains are annoying and don’t get cleaned easily. What you can do about it? You need to soak stains immediately whenever you get them, because if you don’t, then think of these stains as permanent on your clothes. Scary!

To remove stains, you need to soak the stained cloth right away in a bucket full of water. Also, add a little detergent in it and then leave it for a while. Now treat the stain with the stain solutions made by natural products around the house. You can find the solutions of almost all types of stains in it.

2) Sorting Clothes is Important 


If you separate clothes just by color (black, white and delicate) then you need to review it because you have to sort your clothes by fabrics too. For instance, never wash linty fabrics like towels and sweatshirts with your normal clothes, because the lint will spread to all the clothes; and you don’t want that.

If you have a bulk amount of clothes, then you can also write the sorting of clothes to prevent any mishap.

3) Never Overstuff Your Machine 


This is important and the number 1 reason why you can’t get your clothes cleaned in the first turn.

If you weigh your clothes, then add up 16 pounds of clothes, at most, for best cleaning result. If you don’t weigh, it’s alright, just remember never to fill more than ¾ of your laundry machine with clothes.

4) Add Soap First 


You need to add soap before adding clothes to your machine. That way, the soap will get dissolved in the water, which will result in better cleaning. Same goes for your detergent, too. It’s not a big deal, but it’s effective.

5) Prevent Color Fading 


What’s going on? Your new brown jeans is fading color and you are concerned about it. Let’s see what you can do.

You can add a teaspoon of salt during cleaning to keep the color as it is. Another way is to clean your dark clothes inside out to sustain their bright color.

6) Try Cold Water 


By opting for cold water, you can save 90% of the energy used for laundry cleaning. Take the time to do some experimentation with temperature settings and stick with the temperature, which is better for your clothes.

7) Line Drying 


Line drying is the best drying option if you live in a sunny location. It saves you money and it’s as environment-friendly as it can get.

Moreover, sunlight is a natural stain remover. So, the stains on your clothes will have a hard time here! It also makes it possible for your clothes to last longer as the use of dryers can wear them out too early.


That’s it! Use these words of wisdom and start washing clothes more efficiently than ever. Laundry doesn't have to be a pain if you're doing the right things :)

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