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Elastic bands are useful for many things and despite this they are often underestimated for how utilitarian they can be. Here is a list of some unique ways that you can use elastic bands in your everyday life. Hopefully you can find multiple uses for all of those rubber bands that you have lying around.


10 Useful Ways to Use Elastic Bands

1. An Eraser on the Fly:

Take out a few rubber bands and create a small ball which you can then use as a pencil eraser. This is helpful for those times that the eraser at the top of their pencil has become worn out.


2. Flower Head Arranger: 

Keep the head of your blooms arranged together in the vase by wrapping a rubber band around the stems below the buds before trimming the stems to just above the vase neck.


3. A Jar Opener:

Elastic bands are useful tools to open those pesky jars that are difficult to open. You just place a elastic band or few bands around the jar lid to give you extra grip as you are opening it. Now you no longer have to strain a muscle in order to open a simple jar.


4. A Liquid Marker:

This is a unique idea allowing you to tell how much paint remains in a paint can. All you have to do is put a large elastic band around the paint can to mark the level of paint within a paint can.


5. Get a Clean Line on your Nails:

Avoid having to painstakingly create clean lines on your nail with a elastic band. Just put a rubber band at the base of the top edge of your nail and keep your nails clean from nail polish.


6. Chopping Board Grip:

Avoid your chopping board from sliding around with elastic bands. Place the elastic bands on the edges of the chopping board to keep it from moving about while you are chopping your vegetables.


7. Keep Doors from Locking:

If you have small children in rooms with doors that easily lock, it can be very annoying to pick at the lock. Prevent the door from locking with a rubber band twisted around the door knobs on either side the tension preventing the locking mechanism from moving into place.


8. Use it as a Paint Scraper:

Use a rubber band around a paint can to provide tension and make yourself a DIY paint scraper. Use the rubber band to scrape off the excess paint and prevent it from dripping and making a mess.


9. Keep your Thread spools from Unraveling:

Avoid having your thread or ribbon come undone by lacing an elastic band around the spool. This will prevent your thread from getting entangled and saving you some time!


10. Use a Stripped Screw:

You can still redeem stripped screws easily. Put the elastic band between the screw’s head and the screwdriver or the electric drill bit.


Elastic bands are a versatile tool that can greatly help you find solutions for your everyday challenges. There are plenty of creative ways for you to use these elastic bands. Not only are they used for a multitude of reasons, but they are also available for a very affordable price!

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