Interesting Uses for Binder Clips

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Binder clips are great for keeping your paperwork organized, but did you know that these great little clips can be used for far more than just holding your paperwork? Here are a few creative uses for binder clips that you will find surprisingly helpful.


  1. Cord Organizers:

    Are you tired of having all your cords tangled up at your desk and never knowing which one goes to what piece of equipment? Now you can use binder clips to keep those cords separate and even label them so you can find the right cord easily when you need to grab something and go!



  1. Beer or Can Stopper:

    When you have extra beers left over from a party it can be annoying if it takes up a whole shelf of your fridge. Instead you can use one binder clip attached to the grate of your fridge shelf to halt the beers. This will allow you to stack the beers on top of each other to save some space in the fridge for actual food. This would make a handy tool in many bachelor pads!



  1. Headphone Keeper:

    Grabbing your headphones out of your purse or pocket when you are about to hit the gym or the park and finding them completely tangled can grate on your nerves. Instead of fumbling hopelessly with your terribly twisted earbuds, keep them from twisting up inside one of these handy binder clips. Now you have one less excuse to put off that workout.



  1. Hair Tie Holder:

    Hair ties are usually found in various places and are easily lost. For those who use hair ties often or for a mom who needs to keep track of hair ties, using this nifty tool can save you time and energy searching for one. You can keep a few hair ties attached to a binder clip in your purse, your diaper bag, your stroller, or even in your car for a spur of the moment up-do. This will allow you to easily access a hair tie whenever the need may arise.



  1. A Hands-free Stand for your Phone:

    Car stands for your phone can be costly and may not even fit your model. With binder clips though you can easily make a custom stand for your phone that allows you to use your phone hands-free while driving. All you have to do is take one large binder clip for your phone and rubber bands or hair ties. You will want to remove the metal fingers of the clip and widen them so they will be able to accommodate your phone. Use pliers to bend them. Next wrap the fingers in a protective padding like paracord, craft pipecleaners, or tubing to prevent any kind of scratching on your phone. Replace the metal fingers back onto the clip and double wrap two hair ties to provide some kind of tension between the two fingers to keep your phone still. Then all you have to do is attach the clip to your car’s air vents and your phone is now road worthy.



These are some of the inventive ways that people have come up with to use binder clips in their everyday lives to solve some annoying problems. The beauty of binder clips is that they are incredibly affordable and you can easily find dozens of uses for them in your home, the office, or as you run your errands. Get a pack of this rather useful office supply and see what you come up with!

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