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bathroom5We women use our bathrooms more often than we realize. Not only do we use it for showers, but also getting ready in the morning. Makeup, hair styling products, linens, hair styling tools, towels, and cleaning products all find their way into most bathrooms. With all of these different items, how can you make your bathroom a seamlessly organized room to save some time when you get ready in the morning? Many of us would like to be able to find exactly what we need when we need it. Here are some strategies to declutter your bathroom by tackling all of the different areas, in addition to helping you keep track of all of those difficult items.


Linen Closet:

If you need to make some space in your linen cabinet and you want a specific space to store your styling tools. This idea to mount some 2” pvc pipe on the door in order to keep your curling iron in along with a 1 ½” inch pvc in order to keep your electrical cords from getting tangled up. Another idea is to keep your linens, towels, and wash clothes in a cheap plastic drawer set of three drawers set up in order to clear some space in your linen closet. You could also put your makeup, styling tools, and hygiene products in these affordable plastic drawer set.



Your Sink and Drawers:

Having a cluttered sink can be dangerous with electric styling tools and can lead to fights with family or your housemates. In order to clear some room in your bathroom and keep your hair dryer easily within reach, take a large pvc pipe piece and mount to the wall next to your mirror, such as the one pictured below. You can even decorate it to fit in with your bathroom decor.



Your bathroom drawers can contain several odds and ends that are easily lost, such as those annoying bobby pins. Well now you can keep better track of those bobby pins and clear some space in your drawers. By mounting a magnet on your wall, the inside of your linen closet door, or on the inside of your the cabinet doors under your sink, you can finally keep track of all those pesky bobby pins. Keeping your makeup in makeup bags can keep your drawer less cluttered and keep your makeup from breaking or leaking.



Your Shower:

Many women have several different products that they use on their hair and body sitting in the shower. Some don’t have enough room built in to the tub to keep all their products in an organized fashion. You can buy some attachable metal shelves that you can use in your shower in order to add some more space. There are many available that use suction cups in order to mount onto the wall.


Organizing your bathroom can be simple when you think creatively. Maximize the space available in your bathroom with some of these unique solutions. Make your morning routine easier by having everything in the right place!

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