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We all like to know our home is safe and sound, whether we are in it or we are away. We spend a lot of time and money in creating the comfort we need, and we would hate to see that get disrupted. No matter how safe your neighborhood is, you’ll never know when a thief can pass by and consider your house attractive. It’s good measure to consider methods to equip your house to ease one’s mind. The following home security tips will prevent you from being stressed out regarding the security of your residence.


5 Home Security Tips

  • Check your home for weak spots

First, imagine your house is not your home and look for weak spots that will help you break an entrance. If you can see those weak spots, most probably the trained eye of the burglar will see those as well. Look for poorly fitted lockers, loose locks and joints, windows and doors that do not close properly, and any other burglar inviting area. Also, even if you were to leave the house for a few minutes, don’t leave your doors unlocked. Believe it or not, many burglars will try a door knob at random to see if the owner has left it unlocked.

  • Install a timer for your house lights

Oftentimes, burglars will search the area several times before attempting their break-in. Their house of choice may be one that looks empty with lights off for a long period of time. Set a timer to turn on your lights at certain hours, especially during the evening, to mimic the illusion that someone is at home permanently. This can discourage burglars in targeting your house. In addition, have the automatic light settings in additional rooms to appear that there is more than one person at home at the same time.

  • Put lights with moving sensors in the back and front

A burglar can be deterred if a light turns on while he is trying to approach an entrance. The light will also attract the attention of other people in the area, making the burglary attempt more visible. It would be even more beneficial to have a surveillance camera near that light, to record on tape the face of the burglar in case he does decide to break into your house.

  • Use a house alarm that functions properly

A house alarm with a code is also efficient. Have an expert check them regularly to assure the alarms are in working order.  Another tip regarding alarms would be to change the security code periodically.

  • Your valuables are best kept in a safe

If you have precious jewelry or keep money in your home, install a safe. Try not to leave them out in the open close by a window where it could be a magnet for thieves. A small house safe with a security code will give you some piece of mind. Also, make sure the safe is well placed and secured, and cannot be carried away.

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