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Many Americans are in a constant battle with their growing waistline. There are many different methods floating around about what is the most effective diet or the best workout for burning fat. Some of these claims promise miracles, but are often hoaxes, delivering little results. On the other hand, science and research has found some bizarre solutions for burning your excess flab. Some of these are very easy to implement while others may be more challenging.

Here are a few weird proven tips that can help you lose weight.


Weird Tips to Lose Weight


Keep Cold

Your body stores fat for nutrients later and to keep your body warm in the cold. Being exposed to cold temperatures for extended periods of time puts your body into fat burning mode, as it is trying to protect your body from the chill. You can sit in an ice bath, take a cold shower, drink ice water, or sit with an ice pack on flabby areas to start this effective fat burning process.

Science also shows that being exposed to the cold builds up your body’s amount of lean muscle, an important component in healthy weight loss. Lean muscle increases your metabolism and gives you a slimmer body. Use this method in a controlled environment like your home, where you can easily get warm quickly. Keep your exposure to these cold temperatures limited to a half hour at a time to prevent causing harm to your body. You can get the same benefit from being outside, but don’t leave skin exposed to the cold as this can result in frostbite!


Negative Muscle Training

Negative muscle training is a way to make your muscles work harder without over exerting yourself. This method is great for women because it allows you to build up fat-burning muscle, without bulking up. This method uses free weights and your body weight to increase your muscle. The real secret of negative weight muscle training is not the amount of weight you lift, but the speed in which you do it.

According to research, lifting weights in slow motion actually forces your muscles to work as much as 50% harder than if you were doing the same exercise at normal speed. This quickly builds up muscle and improves your metabolism. Since negative muscle training is so much more intense than regular lifting, experts recommend doing it only twice a week in 15 minute intervals. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time in between workouts to allow your muscles to rest.


Limit The Time You Allow Yourself To Eat

When comparing different fasting methods, experts found that the amount of calories was less important than the time you choose to spend eating. Experts saw that those who limited the window of time that they could eat to eight hours, tended to lose weight faster than those that were on a greater calorie restriction. Late night eating seems to greatly contribute to obesity. By limiting yourself to eating food between 8 to 12 hours a day, seeing results with a slimmer waist is possible. This method also saw participants making healthier food choices throughout the day in order to stay fuller longer.



These odd, yet scientifically proven tips can help you to shed off those extra pounds. Many people gain weight in the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day due to all of the social functions and decadent foods available at this time of year. Instead of having to battle more fat when the New Year arrives, use these easy tips to get a headstart on your weight loss goals!

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