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flu prevention

Flu season is here and you will want to avoid getting sick this year. A case of the flu can put you out of commission for a few days and even give you some expensive medical bills. Getting sick with the flu can inhibit your productiveness and leave you feeling weak. If you don't practice some flu prevention methods, don't be surprised if you end up getting infected! Here are some ways to to keep the flu at bay this year:


Flu Prevention


Washing Your Handswashing hands

Washing your hands is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick. Many germs accumulate on your hands throughout the day, which can later spread to your face and mouth. Washing your hands frequently will kill the bacteria and prevent you from contracting the flu. Carry some hand sanitizer for those times that you are far from a sink.


Take Vitamin Ctake vitaminc

Vitamin C is a great immune booster that you can find in citrus fruits, broccoli, spinach, and leafy green vegetables. Vitamin C can suppress the flu by increasing the amount of white blood cells you have in your body to fight off disease.


Disinfect Surfacesdisinfect surfaces

This is a tip that we often overlook, but it is very important to pay attention to in order to exercise flu prevention methods. To avoid picking up the flu bug from the office or even in your home from visitors, be sure to disinfect surfaces frequently during flu season. This includes items that you and others touch often such as desks, faucets, doorknobs, handles, and light switches. Using some bleach wipes or a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water is the most effective way to rid your home or work space of contagions.


Avoid Being Around Sick Peoplesick around others

Do what you can to avoid being near people who may be sick this flu season. If you know someone to be ill, do your best to stay away from them during the course of their illness. If seeing them is unavoidable, keep a good distance from them and avoid skin to skin contact. Be sure to stand about 5 feet away from them as sneezing and coughing can send contagious droplets up to three feet away. If you work in a profession where you have to be in close proximity with the sick, such as health care, put on a surgical mask.


Sip Teasip tea

Drinking plenty of fluids can help you reduce your risk of getting sick. Drink immune boosting liquids like green tea, black tea, and broths to get the maximum benefit. A cup of herbal tea should help to ward your body of disease. It also helps to flush out the toxins in your body.


Eat Proteineat protein

Many people who are sick tend to be low in protein. Protein is vital in repairing your cell structure and building up your immune system. Be sure to get in a few servings of healthy protein each day through lean meats, eggs, fish, beans, or nuts.


Winter are the peak months of flu season, but you can avoid getting the flu altogether this season. You don’t have to worry about catching the flu by proactively taking care of your health and protecting yourself from exposure. These simple flu prevention tips will help to keep you in good health over the flu season and prevent you from missing out on important events. Remember to take your vitamins and drink lots of fluids!

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