How To Relieve Back Pain – What You Need To Do

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how to relieve back pain

How to relieve back pain? Almost everybody suffers from backache at some point in their lifetime. Whatever the reasons, it can turn out to be a real nuisance to deal with!

Want some good news? Some simple things can be accepted as a routine to prevent back pain. If you are already suffering from the ache, try these tips below to ease that tension and pressure of yours.


How to Relieve Back Pain


  1. Get Good Sleep

Sleep disturbance is commonly observed in people who suffer from back pain. A peaceful sleep helps in the repairing of strained muscles and also soothes joints that are inflamed. Have a good, comfortable bed and try out different positions for sleeping. Prefer a firm surface and try sleeping on your side. This will prevent any curving in the spine, which can worsen the pain.

  1. Gentle Exercises

Back pain getting too much? It's not the best idea to simply rest and wait for it to subdue. Resting decreases the strength of muscles and can cause worsening in certain types of back aches.

Begin with gentle stretches and find out which exercises works best without feeling pain in your back. Start walking slowly and gradually increase speed. Regular exercise is very effective as stretching and strengthening of your body muscles can reduce and even eliminate the pain.

Before starting exercises, discuss with a doctor first if you have extreme complications to prevent bringing on more damage with the wrong exercises.

  1. Maintain Healthy Body Weight

It’s simply bad news for the back to be pulling excess weight all day, except when you are laying down. Losing a few of those excess pounds might help you wrestle back pain better!

  1. Bodywork Is Necessary

Body work is crucial for back ache patients. Osteopathy, Chiropractic, physical therapy and other muscle therapies can give you pain relief. The trick is to adhere to the routine regularly. Doing it once will not achieve the relaxation you want.

  1. “Indulge” In Yoga

Yoga has therapeutic action on the human body, especially for individuals who suffer from back pain. It helps in the unwinding of the myofascial imbalances and tightness. It also improves the breathing that involves fluid diaphragm movement as well as enhances the awareness of the body. All this contributes to improving back pain conditions.

  1. Take Painkillers (But Don’t Make A Habit Of This!)

For pain relief over the short term, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be suggested. Most common of these are ibuprofen, aspirin and aetaminophen. Yet, these may have side effects like stomach and liver problems. Avoid overuse of painkillers or the body's tolerance will increase, requiring a higher dosage.

  1. Hot And Cold Therapy

Try hot and cold therapy to find out what feels better.
Cold therapy is done with application of an ice pack and it works to reduce inflammation and swelling.
For heat therapy, heating pads or hot water bottles are used for reducing muscle spasms and cramps.


Regular exercise and a correct posture can help eliminate most issues. If you are someone who doesn't get much exercise and always sits in one position all day, you may want to learn how to relieve back pain. Simply make them your lifestyle and smile away to good health!

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