How to Prevent Osteoporosis - Knowing Bone Health

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Aging brings a lot of issues, doesn’t it? One of these for women are weaker bones. In fact, one out of every two women experience the trouble of a broken bone, once they cross their 50s. The major reason behind this is osteoporosis. As if this news is not bad enough, there’s more to add.

Broken bones often take a longer time for recovery and may lead to premature death, besides draining your savings! Wondering what precautions to take to keep bones healthier for the long haul? Here are some strategies you can learn to make sure your bones stay healthy and strong!


How to Prevent Osteoporosis


Compensate the Age Related Bone Loss

By the age of 30, most women reach the peak of their bone mass. After this age, the bones undergo remodeling. Once menopause is attained, the level of hormone estrogen decreases in female bodies. This estrogen dip depletes the skeletal bones of calcium and further contributes to the loss in bones mass. In order to maintain healthy bones, women post-menopause, must intake 1,200 mg calcium on a daily basis.

Feed your Skin enough of Vitamin D

This does not mean you need to stand under the sun all day, for there are other sources too. Include cod liver oil, canned tuna, egg with yolk, salmon, fat-free Vitamin D fortified milk, and Vitamin D fortified yogurt in your diet. Vitamin D enables skeleton remodeling and calcium absorption by the bones.

Cut Down on Caffeine Intake

According to some studies, an increased risk of hip fracture in older women has been linked to high doses of coffee. It is highly recommended to avoid more than 300 mg of daily intake of coffee. If you're the type of person who can't live without coffee, consider having a smaller cup than your usual mug!

You to Good Health!

Beginning a daily yoga routine is a great way to unwind and protect your skeletal structure. As observed in a study, people practicing yoga daily for 10 minutes had an increase in hip and spine bone density. It only takes 10 minutes, so start your routine tomorrow! :)

Stop Your Wine Intake

Alcohol has great negative effects to your body. If you are a frequent drinker over the age of 50, know that you may face some serious health issues. Try to bring your alcohol consumption down gradually, until you don't feel the urge to grab a glass anymore! A alcohol-free diet is the best for your body.

Mind the Meds!

Certain drugs that are commonly prescribed can lead to a loss in bone density. Examples include steroids, SSRIs and proton pump inhibitors. Take note that once you are prescribed, ask the doc tor whether it will affect bone density or not.

Get a Bone Density Check done Regularly

You may think it is not necessary, but a bone scan can help you know your bone density. Know your bone status to prevent simple fractures,  which may occur due to thin bones. In case bone density is low, you must take the calcium supplement dosage prescribed by your doctor.

Take care of yourself by learning how to prevent Osteoporosis! A break in a bone can seriously decrease your quality of life, so stay active and consume the necessary foods to avoid this bone condition.

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