Best Fat Burning Foods - Part Two

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Since our previous article for fat burning foods turned out to be so popular, we wrote up another list of fat burning foods for you to enjoy!

Fat is the stubborn tissue that gathers around our waistline. It is also a large contributing factor in chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. While many of us reduce the amount that we eat in order to avoid storing fat, there are some foods out there that will actually help you burn fat. Here are five different fat burning foods that you can use to get a slimmer figure.


Lean Meat:

fatburningfoodsLean meats causes a thermogenic effect on your body, the process of burning fat. About a third of the calories in the lean meats are used to digest the meat, cutting the amount calories that can later be stored as fat. Some types of lean meat include chicken, turkey, lamb loins or shanks, lean beef cuts, and pork tenderloins. Look for meat cuts that have little fat content or ask the butcher if you're unsure!



fatburningfoods2Coffee is a big fat burner, studies show that it can burn as much as 30% of a person’s body fat. The caffeine in coffee acts as a metabolism booster and will actually target fat cells as you are exercising. A few cups of coffee each day can help you stay thinner. Switching coffee for energy drinks or soft drinks can save you hundreds of calories a day, as long as you are not putting a copious amount of sugar in your coffee. If you need a sweet kick to your coffee consider pure natural sweeteners like honey, molasses, or maple syrup.


Hot Peppers:

fatburningfoods3Peppers cause your body to heat up, increasing your metabolism. Usually the hotter the pepper, the higher the fat burning factor. You can add some spice to some of your favorite foods to maximize the fat burning effect of peppers. Doctors suggest adding some pepper flakes to soups, sauces, eggs, and atop pasta or salads.


Beans and Legumes:

fatburningfoods4Beans and legumes will regulate your digestive system and boost fat burning. This is because beans are rich in iron, a necessary nutrient needed for fat burning. You can use chili beans, hot peppers, and a lean meat in a chili in order to make a delicious, filling, and fat burning meal.



fatburningfoods5For those times that you are craving something sweet, berries are a healthy and fat boosting option. Berries are full of antioxidants and can help curb sweet cravings. You can drizzle some dark chocolate on top to make a delicious snack that is full of antioxidants. You could also pair it with some low-fat greek yogurt to make a fat burning breakfast, snack, or dessert.


There it is! Part two of our best fat burning foods! If you are battling some fat around your middle, eat some of these delicious and fat fighting foods to get better results. The nutrients that these different foods deliver to your body will give your metabolism a boost and even target fat cells. All of these foods are very easy to incorporate into your daily diet. Use them as substitutions for foods that have little to no nutritional value like sweet treats, fatty meats, and sugary drinks. Add a few of these to your daily routine and watch as that  stubborn extra fat begins to disappear!

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