How to Stay Healthy at 60+

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You women are essentially the backbone of the society. But by the time you spend up your entire lives living for others, there comes up an age where your body cannot work the same. Is that not true? You wish it wasn’t, but it is.

Talking in biological terms, by reaching up the age of 60, most of the women have undergone their menopause and experience major changes in their body and, of course, lifestyle. A majority of them tend to lose the enthusiasm towards their lives. There comes the noticeable changes, like obesity, osteoporosis, hypertension, blood pressure and so much more.

A healthy diet and consumption of well-balanced nutrients can prove to be the biggest secret behind the maintenance of good health. A healthy diet will not only boost up your metabolism rate and increase the blood flow, but also make you look and feel younger - Who doesn’t want that right?

Yes, we know a smile will appear on your face if someone compliments that you still look young and pretty. Let’s face it, you’ve spent your entire life fulfilling the hope and expectation of your loved ones. At this age when you have the chance to live for yourself, work to earn for yourself, to dance, to learn, to volunteer and be amazingly active and fit after 60, why not tap it to its fullest potential?


Get Focused - Get A Better Diet

The areas that require to be focused on are the most vulnerable ones like lack of breath, weakness in bones, gut and joints, etc. Keep all of this away by simply following a well maintained, balanced diet!

  • Avoid fried food as much as possible. It is heavier and can lead to laziness, increases cholesterol, eventual heart diseases and much more.
  • Do not include too much of sugar in your diet. The excess of sugar in the body can lead to hypertension, increase in blood pressure, diabetes and even loss in vision. Sure, you won’t desire for any more trouble in the old age!
  • Too much use of all-purpose flour can be dangerous, as it is not easily digested by our bodies, and can hence, lead to stomach problems.
  • Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet for sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals. You’ll never miss the youthful, healthy glow. Yeehaw!
  • Instead of milk, include curd in the diet as it produces lactase in the body, which makes food easier to digest. Easy digestion means more food, which means better health (But hey, don’t overeat!).

Diet Is Just A One Part Of A Whole Scheme

Yet, a good diet itself can't make miracles happen. What you need is a proper combination of diet, exercise, mental happiness and devotion (the major factor indeed!).

A woman’s body, usually, tends to loosen up and become deficient in various nutrients and these needs require to be fulfilled. Yet, don’t fear. Learn how to stay healthy at 60+ by simply following the preventive measures; you will not just be healthier, but happier, sharper, active, and more energetic. This definitely implies more time and spirit to enjoy life. Make the best of it with a healthy lifestyle!

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