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How does life taste if it’s free from chains? A dictum about health very rightly says “health is the greatest wealth”. If you have good health, you become free from so many deadly clutches. And toxins prove to be very harmful to our bodies. Why not detoxify?



Detoxification is a process of wiping out toxins from the body through its different organs and nourishes it within. Undoubtedly we are living in a highly toxic world where there are so many origins of poisonous substances. Our daily diet contains so many lethal substances like pesticides, bacteria, environmental pollutants and impurities etc. Human made toxins are in abundance in the environment like chemical factories etc. All these things add fuel to fire.

For these reasons, to carry out the process of detoxification at least twice a year is a prerequisite. Moreover, this is not the story of one day or one week but a practical and efficient detox rests upon a long period of time. In fact, it rests upon certain gradual stages.


Steps To Follow

  • The very first thing is the need to make a commitment with yourself and the time to depart and bid adieu to all toxic obstacles like cigarette, alcohol and excessive fats in order to release the toxic load. You surely know these have harmful effects!
  • The next target should be the release of mental stress. That’s the most important thing to trigger because it causes disorder in the normal setup of the body. You may substitute stress with alternatives like yoga, gymnastics and meditation, etc. Keep yourself busy in healthy active tasks as much as you can. After all, being and feeling active is what makes you happy!
  • Now let’s look at the detox program and diet in order to cleanse your body. There are different methods to detoxify according to individual needs:
  1. Fasting on liquids or fresh juices of vegetables and fruits for a full week greatly helps. Make sure you find organic produce to avoid any added chemical residue.

  2. Drink water or hot water with mixed lemon as much as you can. It just speeds up metabolism rate that helps in the elimination of harmful substances.
    Bonus: add some honey for its antibacterial properties

  3. Life will cast a magical spell on you if you start eating fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Again, pick food grown organically because chemical free food is just an excellent detoxifying diet. Nature always appears thousand times better than all other artificial items. So keep exploring nature and go for effective herbs because they will provide an excellent detoxifying passage through the liver for the body.

  4. If you increase intake of food containing different vitamins and particularly vitamin C, it will remarkably drive away toxins and reduce your risk of heart disease.

  5. Do not forget that the most effective detoxifying agent is exercise, which is the best healing therapy used for the cure of many problems. Indulge in Yoga, Qigong and Gymnastic etc. Spare time for it and make a habit of doing it because exercise also aids to cleanse up your body. Sweat release is a major detoxification for skin! (You DO want that beautiful, glowing skin don't you? :))

After a period of detoxification, you will see a dramatic improvement in your mind and body. If one has good health, she has everything and she can dare to face challenges - so get up and be ready to start this adventure in order to win this battle of life and emerge victorious!

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