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Tea has many different health benefits, which explains why people have been drinking tea for thousands of years. Tea has been used traditionally by doctors as remedies for illnesses and ailments. With modern science, we have discovered just how effective tea can be in improving your health. There are thousands of different brews of tea, combining the tea leaves with different herbs and spices, which possess health benefits on their own.

We have compiled a list of 5 different healthy teas that you can enjoy and warm yourself during the winter!


Oolong Tea:


Oolong tea contains a chemical that helps reduce the amount of triglycerides, a category of bad fats. By reducing triglycerides in the blood, the tea prevents fat storage and will also help you lose fat. Obesity is a contributing factor in many chronic diseases, so Oolong tea can help you to maintain good health and fight off damaging fat cells.


Black Tea:


Black tea contains more caffeine than other teas. It also contains some antioxidants that help to lower cholesterol. It reduces your risk of stroke, possibly due to the caffeine properties which can expand blood vessels. Black tea is also able to provide stress relief, preventing further health problems. It also helpful to your digestive track, keeping you to regular and your stomach happy.


Green Tea:


Green tea is the super powered tea that has numerous health benefits. This includes improved brain function and a metabolism boost. The tea is also thought to have antioxidants that can prevent type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.  Another benefit is that green tea can reinforce your immune system, preventing infections. These benefits make green tea a wonderful, healthy drink that you can enjoy during a cold night.


White Tea:healthyteas5

White tea is a relatively unprocessed tea compared to others, making it full of antioxidants and nutrients that usually get cooked out of the tea leaves when the other teas are processed. Research has proven that white tea can prevent cancerous cells from developing in the body and may even be able to eradicate cells that have already developed . It has been known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol in the body. Moreover, white tea contains small amount of fluoride and other nutrients that helps keep your teeth strong and healthy!




Echinacea can help fight and prevent disease. A tea made from this beneficial plant can help you avoid getting sick in the upcoming winter months. German studies have suggested that Echinacea tea can reduce acid reflux symptoms, dizziness, and fatigue. Mostly used to treat the common cold and other respiratory symptoms, it can also prevent many infections such as urinary tract infections, bloodstream infections, typhoid, and much more!



Tea is a soothing drink that is consumed by people daily worldwide. Maybe it is time that you decide to add more tea into your diet and take advantage of all of the health benefits. Winter brings some unique challenges to your immune system as well as depleted nutrients since the sun is obscured by clouds for most of the season, leaving you deficient in essential vitamin D. By drinking tea you can replenish some of those lost nutrients and enjoy good health again. If you feel that tea tastes plain there are many different varieties available with added flavors, so you never have to get bored with your brew!

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