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Excess fat in the body is our worst enemy! Is it not? Are your efforts to lose that weight not working? These foods help in fat reductions and can help your stomach by feeling full. This way, you tend to eat lesser and your daily calorie consumption is reduced. There’s only one reason for you being unable to ditch the few extra pounds even after prolonged effort. It is your very own body working against you! An immune system condition known as inflammation may be a leading cause for weight gain. Additionally, a lower metabolism rate can hamper weight loss. But you can effectively combat internal conditions and enhance metabolism to some extent by eating right. Yes, eating to fight excess fat! Some foods also have a thermogenic effect on the body and hence boost the body metabolism.

Here are a few fat burning foods you should start eating!


Eggs - Contains 78 calories each (approx.)


The egg is essentially a powerhouse of nutrition. Additionally, it has high amount of proteins which satisfy professional hunger. Eating eggs for breakfast can effectively help in curbing appetite for a longer duration. Generally, the habit will help you in reducing consumption of 330 additional calories per day. For a minimum fat fried egg, cook on a non - stick pan and apply oil using a skillet or just use oil spray.


Dark Chocolate - 170 calories in 1 ounce (approx.)


According to a research conducted at the University of Copenhagen, an individual eats lesser in the next meal, after eating dark chocolate. As if we had ever needed any more reasons to indulge!

This happens because the compounds which are present in chocolates slow down the process of digestion. Eventually, you end up feeling fuller for a longer time span. A small piece of chocolate, about simply the size of a visiting card has the ability to curb hunger for some sort of sweet, salty and fat containing food.


Pine Nuts - Half an ounce contains about 95 calories (approx. 84 nuts)


Looks like you can finally move over almonds! Pine nuts contain HDL or more aptly ‘heart friendly’ fatty acids. The same assist in keeping belly fat away. Also, according to some Korean researchers, these fatty acids make you feel full by boosting the body satiety hormones. Women who consumed pine nuts reported a decreased desire to eat and also reduced their food intake by 36%, because of the pinoleic acid contained in these nuts.


Cheese - One ounce contains 76 calories


Yes, it is a yummy way to busting fat! Feta or fresh goat cheese is high in CLA, i.e. conjugated linoleic acid. Consumption of CLA helps in feeling full and more effective burning of fat. Cheese obtained from grass-fed animals contain the highest amount of CLA, so keep a look out for that on the label.


Oranges - Each contains 59 calories (approx.)


Grabbing an orange from the fruit basket can be the most satisfying thing for your body. All thanks to its fibre richness! On a list of 38 filling foods put forward by researchers in Australia, oranges have ranked as the highest in fruits on the satiety index. Also, fibre combats fat effectively by enhancing metabolism.


There are many more foods out there that help reduce fat such as turkey, berries, and fish. They key to losing weight is to watch what you eat, when you eat, and how much. If you accompany a good diet with some physical fitness, you can be sure that you'll lose that unwanted fat! Go fab with lesser flab!

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