What is Tea Tree Oil? Cautions of Usage

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You asked and we delivered! We have been getting many comments asking to talk more about tea tree oil, so here it is! We've detailed the pros about tea tree oil and we want to be impartial, therefore we have shed some light on the other side of the spectrum!

What is tea tree oil? Tea-tree oil is taken from the leaves of a plant called melaleuca alternifolia. This is a plant that is common in Australia. This oil is also known as melaleuca oil. However, the tea-tree oil should not be mistaken with the tea oil. While the tea oil is a seasoning that is taken from the beverage tea plant (also known as Camellia Sinensis), the tea-tree oil, on the other hand, is an oil that is used for grander purposes, which range from medical usage to other benefits. The tea-tree oil is said to have come to limelight because of its common usage among the Australians. The Australians have the record of using the tea-tree oil as an antiseptic.

Although, this oil is said to be effective for curing skin and fungus infections, cautions should still be taken in its usage because the full therapeutic properties of this oil are yet to be determined. As much as we cannot relegate the efficiency of the tea-tree oil to the background, we still have to be conscious of the risks and the allergens associated with the oil taken from the melaleuca plant. Below are some of the risks, the allergens, and the side effects associated with the melaleuca oil.


Risks Associated With the Tea-Tree Oil

Even though the tea-tree oil looks like every other type of oil that is used for cooking, you are not permitted to swallow it. This is because the oil, when swallowed or taken internally, it has been said to cause nausea, stomachache, vomiting, severe rashes, diarrhea, abnormalities in the blood cells, hallucinations, drowsiness, unsteadiness, confusion, and more. In extreme cases, it can even lead to a coma. This means that as much as this oil is good for external usage, it should not be used internally.


Allergens That Are Associated With the Usage of the Tea-Tree Oil

Some individuals, after the usage of tea-tree oil, reported they experienced dermatitis, a skin condition that is initiated by the inflammation of the skin. Dermatologists have suggested that if you ever develop any skin reaction after the usage of the tea-tree oil, you are advised to avoid its usage in the future. Furthermore, those who are allergic to eucalyptol (this is a natural organic compound that may cause skin inflammation for some people) should be careful with the usage of the melaleuca oil, because many creams or mixtures that contain tea-tree oil also contain eucalyptol.


Side Effects Associated With Melaleuca/Tea-Tree Oil

The common usage of the tea-tree oil is known to cause reddening of the skin and severe rash on the skin. And for those who already have eczema, the usage of the tea-tree oil may make their condition worse. Additionally, some research by scientists from the National Institutes of Health had revealed that the usage of the tea-tree oil by boys before they step into puberty may cause them to have enlarged breast tissue, a condition known as pubertal gynecomastia.

After learning about the risks, allergens, and the side effects of tea-tree oil, don't be scared of using this oil because aside it’s negative effects, there are great positive effects of its usage! All you have to do is to be careful, or better still consult with people who are knowledgeable about your health conditions before you use it. It's always good to do some research before using a new product. After all, it is your body and we must do everything we can to protect it! :)


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