How To Keep Skin Moisturized in Winter Weather

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As the weather begins to get colder it is time to defend your skin from all of the damage that winter can bring. The chill of winter weather can do a number on your skin, causing it to dry out and crack. The prevalence of illness in the winter can also sap out some of the important moisture from your skin. If you want to avoid scaly skin this winter it is important to keep your skin moisturized. Here are a few different techniques!


Drink Plenty of Water 


Keeping yourself hydrated during the winter months is especially important in the cold dry air. The change from the cold air outside to the hot air within the house causes your skin to dry easily. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. If you need more intense hydration for days where you are out in the cold for hours at a time, such as when you are skiing, drink some coconut water to give your skin cells that extra boost.


Moisturize your Skin 


Use lotions that are full of antioxidants, able to restore damaged skin, and soothe cracking. Look for lotions that contain cocoa butter, shea oil, aloe vera, and essential oils.  Cocoa butter is popular for use in lotions because it expertly keeps skin hydrated and feeling smooth. Aloe vera helps to soothe itchy, dry skin and restore moisture.


Keep your Skin covered while Outside


Prevent your risk of exposure by covering your lips, nose, hands, and ears to prevent chapping. Keeping yourself covered with a scarf, gloves, and earmuffs can help to prevent drying out on the areas that are most at risk. The cloth creates a barrier from the cold air and the brutal winds, keeping your skin’s natural moisture and heat within the confines of the cloth.


Take Supplements


The harsh conditions of winter causes stress and strain on your body making it work harder than usual. Taking some vitamin supplements will give you the nutrients that your body needs in order to keep your skin healthy like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and biotin. Vitamin A has a skin strengthening ingredient known as retinol, which works to smooth out rough, dry skin. Additionally, Vitamin E is used to help keep skin resistant to damage and biotin is used to promote healthy skin cells.


Use Vaseline on Prone Areas


Vaseline is known to help add and maintain moisture, making it great to have handy in the winter. Apply Vaseline in areas that are likely to dry out like your lips, around the nostrils, and in between fingers. If you have bad allergies or frequent colds, putting some Vaseline on your nostrils will prevent redness and peeling.


The harsh cold of winter doesn’t have to set your skin back. By taking care of your skin you can make sure that you will not have to suffer from dry and cracking skin that is a trademark of winter weather. Learn to keep skin moisturized with these few tips and you can enjoy soft, silky skin all year round.

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