How to Treat a Cold

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Having a cold can be miserable and cost you valuable work hours while you are trying to recover from your illness. Beat your cold faster using some different tips. You can reduce the time that you are out of work or suffering through cold symptoms by several days by using some natural methods. These methods help to bolster your body’s immune system, reinforcing its natural healing properties. Here are a  few tips on how to treat a cold!


  1. Use Garlic:


    Garlic was found in a study to help those suffering from colds to recover almost three times as fast versus those who didn’t. The people who took garlic supplements recovered from their cold in about a day and a half, compared to the 5 days that those taking a placebo took to recover. You can add some garlic into some chicken broth or chicken noodle soup to help you get the potent flavor down.


  1. Drink some Tea with Honey:


    If you are suffering from coughing fits and a sore throat during your cold, some hot tea with honey can do some wonders. The heat from the tea helps to soothe your throat, while honey contains a chemical that works as a cough suppressant. If you happen to be out of tea, you can still eat two tablespoons of honey a half hour before bed to ward off coughing spells while you sleep.


  1. Boost Your Immune System:

    treatcold4Vitamin C boosts your immune system and can prevent lung infection. Vitamin C can help repair a damaged immune system that has been affected by stress, which is largely the reason that people end up getting sick in the first place.


  1. Get to Bed:


    Sleep and rest is crucial to help your body recover from any illness. By resting, you will speed up your recovery time. Your body will be able to focus on healing itself rather than having to spend energy on your daily tasks like work, driving, and running errands. Pay attention to your body when you feel groggy and weak. Your body constantly gives you signs on how well it is doing so don't ignore them. Taking the time that you need to rest will give your body the strength it requires to get better.


  1. Take some Natural Supplements:


    Natural supplements contain natural herbs and spices that have been known to traditionally help to cure people of disease. Make sure if you are taking any medication on a regular basis that it will not interact negatively with your flu medication. You can take ginseng to help your white blood cells to fight off infection and to increase proteins that fuel your immune system. Echinacea is also a very effective immune boosting supplement that will help you get over illness faster. This popular supplement can also help you to prevent having a recurring infection. Other supplements to consider include Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.


The typical cold lasts seven to ten days when it is allowed to naturally take its course. Don't let that cold of yours keep you down and confined to your bed. These natural remedies can help you get back to your daily life faster, so keep these in mind the next time you feel a cold coming on!

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