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Calcium, as we know it, is the mineral your entire body and posture depends upon. Your bones - they are made up of calcium, think about it. It’s also fun to know that 99% of the body calcium are in bones and teeth, the remaining 1% is in the blood and muscles. So, it’s a must for your bones and teeth, right? And don’t misjudge the 1%, as it has its own importance. Calcium has a good role in regulating nervous system and muscle functionality.

Being a woman, calcium intake is vital for your body, regardless of your age. It doesn’t matter if you're in your teens, pregnancy period or later years, if you want to stay healthy and strong, your diet needs the right amount of calcium in it.

On the other hand, if you don’t take enough calcium in your diet, you may suffer from osteoporosis, which is a weakness of bones; the bones literally lose its mass. So, admit it - you need calcium!

How much Calcium You Need?

Adults of age 15-50 are recommended to take 1000 milligrams of calcium each day. For older people, with an age 51 and older, the intake increases to 1200 milligrams of calcium a day.

A Quick Calcium Rich Foods List

Alright! The next step will be to know which foods has an abundance of calcium and the beneficial properties it provides.


1) Dairies - Milk And Yogurt 


A calcium seeker really digs dairy products, because these contain calcium in huge quantity. You can opt for fat-free milk and yogurt, as the fats have nothing to do with calcium. So a fat-free product will have the same amount of calcium in it as a full-fat product.

Moreover, a cup of milk or yogurt contains 300 milligrams of calcium. That’s a lot!


2) Vegetables 



There is a long list of calcium containing vegetables. To name a few, broccoli, collard, kale, edamame, fresh beans are among them. Vegetables are also recommended food because these also contain a good amount of fibers, vitamins and proteins.


3) Fruits (Fresh and Dried) 


Oranges, lemons, tangerines, clementine, raspberries and blackberries are fresh fruits with lots of calcium. The tastiness is the side-benefit! Want to get double the calcium content? Mix your fruits with some yogurt! Deee-lish :)

For dried fruits, dates, figs, almonds, dried grapes and dried apricots are the front contenders for calcium.


Vitamin D

You may be thinking, what a vitamin has to do with calcium? In this case, vitamin D has a lot to do with calcium. It helps in better absorption of calcium in the body, which results in better response of body to calcium intake and hence better health!

Good news, many calcium-containing foods have vitamin D in them too, like milk, yogurt, oranges and salmon. But if you are feeling adventurous, you can take other foods to complement your vitamin D needs like egg yolk, cereal, beef liver and mushrooms.

Watch our for Overdose, Seriously!

It’s easy to get enchanted in the benefits of calcium and start consuming more calcium than your body needs. Don’t ever take more calcium than 2000 milligrams per day, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

The over-intake of calcium is as bad as the deficiency of calcium for the body. The overdose of calcium is linked to heart diseases, stroke, kidney stones and gastrointestinal infections. A research study tells that women taking over-dose of calcium are 49% more prone to cardiovascular diseases. The over-dose also register a 40% higher risk of mortality in women.

Calcium is something your body needs, so consume a fair amount for yourself and your body will thank you!

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