10 Natural Relaxing Techniques To Do At Home

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Relaxation is an important part of your regular life. Having too much stress in your life can lead to a dysfunctional immune system, lack of sleep, unhealthy weight gain or loss, and hinder performance at work.It can also make you unfocused, cause depression, and erratic behavior.  Many women try to keep busy in their lives, but often don’t take enough time for themselves. Relaxation is necessary for both your mental and physical health. Here are ten different natural relaxing techniques that you can do from home, daily if you wish, to unwind and keep yourself in good health.


 10 Relaxing Techniques

  1. Use Aromatherapy at Home: You can unwind using aromatherapy with essential oils such as lavender, vanilla, jasmine, and chamomile. The scents of these oils are known to help you relax and even are known to have additional healing properties such as relieving headaches.
  1. Take a Bubble Bath: There is something very healing and relaxing about baths. You can take a bubble bath and you can even add some essential oils to add some additional relaxing benefits. Soak in a bubble bath with some candlelight and enjoy the feeling of your muscles relaxing. 


  1. Do some Meditation: Some time for self-reflection and clearing your mind of all of your worries. Start by sitting somewhere quiet, closing your eyes, and breathing deeply. Imagine a place in your mind that you find relaxing such as the beach or a meadow. Do this for ten to fifteen minutes every day to reap the maximum benefit.
  1. Listen to some Instrumental Music: Instrumental music has a way of really relaxing the body and soothing the soul. You can easily find some instrumental music for free online by using free streaming music services like Pandora. You can do this while reading a book or meditating to get you into the mood. 

  1. Enjoy Nature: For those of you that have a yard, going out on your porch or sitting in your yard can have surprising relaxing effect. Sit outside and enjoy the sunset or look up at the stars. Enjoying the beauty of nature can soothe your soul and help to clear your mind of your worries. Just enjoying being in the moment and just focus on your senses.

  1. Write down your Accomplishments for the day: Recognizing our little victories each day can help us to realize how much we actually achieve each day. This can help you to reduce your stress as you can look back and see how much you have done, rather than focusing on all of things that you have to do and being overwhelmed by it. 

  1. Journaling: Writing out what has happened to you during the day can help you to unwind as you do some self-therapy and release your feelings onto the page. Sometimes we stuff down our feelings rather than take a deep look at them or expressing them, which can cause emotional stress. By unloading your feelings, the weight gets lifted off leaving you feeling ten times lighter!

  1. Reading: Reading can allow you some form of escape from your life. According to studies, reading is the most effective destressing hobby and can be made to fit your schedule. It is also an effective method of getting to sleep if you suffer from insomnia. 


  1. Low Impact Exercise: Do some kind of relaxing and low impact exercise like walking or yoga. Stretching is also a good way to relax since it allows your muscles to unwind and destress, which can help you prevent injury.

  1. Unplug: Disconnect from your phone, laptop, or other devices every once in awhile. There is always constant demand on your time by looking at emails from work or even from friends and family. Studies have shown that people who look at social media often become depressed and stressed because they are comparing their lives to others. Instead, cut down the time that you spend on social media and instead do something you enjoy. This will allow you to focus on your life and may even increase your productivity. relaxationtechnique6



These ten simple ways to relax at home are cost effective and easily done. Make sure you find some time each and every day to unwind and relax in order to maintain good mental and physical health. By relaxing a little each day you will become more productive and reduce the level of stress that you experience on a regular basis.

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