The Health Benefits of Honey

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Honey is a sweet treat that we put into desserts, our tea, or to pair it with some fluffy biscuits. It is also a sweetener that is full of health benefits, unlike sugar or corn syrup. This product of bees has a long history of being used for medicinal purposes, with evidence showing that it was used in both ancient Egypt and Greece. Many philosophers, poets, and doctors have sung the praises of honey, but does the sweet substance deserve all of these accolades? Modern science is revealing that honey has several uses that benefit both the body and the mind. Here are some health benefits that come with eating this delicious golden liquid.


Memory Boost:

According to a study done in Malaysia, a daily dose of a tablespoon of honey is more effective in women who are having memory problems than substitution hormone therapy. The women involved in the study were separated in groups that took honey and those that took the hormone treatment. Four months later the women that took the honey had better short-term memory recall than the women who were taking hormones. The scientists said that honey helped to prevent cellular damage in the brain and gave brain cells a longer life. 



Battle Acid Reflux:

Acid reflux can be very uncomfortable and bothersome, leading to restless nights and painful days. Honey is thought to help sufferers because of the liquid’s density. It keeps stomach acid from flowing up into the esophagus and causing inflammation.


Natural Pain Reliever:

Honey is anti-inflammatory, making it a natural pain reliever. A daily dose of honey can help those who suffer from arthritis, muscular pain, and migraines get through their day with less pain. The anti-inflammatory property also makes it beneficial in treating rashes and other skin conditions. 




Honey can help your body ward off disease, including food borne illnesses like E. Coli and Salmonella. The antibacterial properties of honey strengthens your immune system. In fact, there is evidence suggesting that honey may be able to treat MRSA;  a very difficult infection to treat because of its resistance to most antibiotics on the market.


Fighting Pollen Allergies:

Honey has been shown to help people fight their seasonal allergy symptoms. This is because honey has trace amounts of the pollen in it, which after regular exposure the body releases lower histamine levels when encountering the pollen, lessening the severity of your allergy symptoms. If you are an allergy sufferer, make sure that you get honey that has been made in your location to get the maximum effect. 



Keeps you Sober:

A study conducted by the NYU Langone Medical Center suggests that honey helps you to metabolize alcohol faster than normal, lessening your level of intoxication. This factor combined with all of the useful nutrients and hydrating effects that honey possesses makes it an easy way to stay sober and avoid an unpleasant hangover in the morning.


The health benefits of honey are endless! Honey’s delicious flavor along with its multiple benefits make it an excellent way to get your daily dose of nutrients. Honey has many trace minerals that are hard to come by naturally in our modern diet. but are still necessary for proper body function. Incorporate honey in your diet today!


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