6 Best Foods for Diabetics

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You know you can’t eat everything, but when you have diabetes, the desire of eating things you can’t eat is just too much to ignore. Still, you need to manage your blood glucose level, right? So, you need to trick yourself a little. You should eat the food which complements your condition and your health. When you develop a habit of eating certain foods that give you strength, you’ll start noticing that your ‘unusual desires’ will fade away.

But then, you may ask, what foods are best for me? We have quite an answer for it. You need nutrition which has important elements like calcium, fiber, vitamin D and omega 3 in abundant.

Have a look below at the six best foods for diabetics:

1) Non-Starch Vegetables 


Vegetables that have no or less amount of starch are best for you, because you don’t want your blood sugar to take a hike. Vegetables are full of vitamins and fibers, so these will make you feel satisfied with your meal as well as give you an energy boost. These vegetables are also low in carbohydrates and calories, which turns out that they are the best food a diabetic can eat in large amounts, without worrying!


2) Blueberries 


Blueberries and all the other berries have vitamin C and antioxidants in abundant. The levels of antioxidants are so huge that it prevents you from heart diseases and cancer.

Researchers have also found out that berries may work better in controlling blood sugar for diabetics. Time to buy a box tomorrow!


3) Salmon 


Now, Salmon is the fish with huge amount of omega 3 fatty acids. This helps in decreasing the risk of many heart diseases and blood sugar. There is a little twist there, though. At times, evidence is found for omega 3 helping as well as hiking the blood sugar. Omega 3 has its proven benefits, but if you are a diabetic, consult your doctor first, before taking omega 3-rich food.


4) Tomatoes 


A source of vitamin C and lycopene - a powerful antioxidant, tomatoes helps in heart conditions of diabetics and non-diabetics alike.

The lycopene is also considered a cancer fighter, by many studies. Body inflammation can also be cured by taking a fair amount of tomatoes every day.

You can always eat fresh tomatoes or you can have a ‘blender-effect’ and have a tomato juice, which helps in quicker intake of lycopene.


5) Non-Starch Yogurt 


For diabetics, non-starch yogurt is always better than milk. The calcium in it, is best for your bones and your teeth. But that’s not enough, it also contains vitamin B2 and a good amount of proteins.

According to a study conducted in 2012, use of yogurt may help in preventing Type 2 diabetes because it lowers cholesterol, which produces many useful vitamins. The presence of calcium and magnesium also plays its part in Type 2 diabetes prevention.


6) Oranges And Other Citrus Fruits 


Fibers and vitamin C are loaded in these fruits. You can consume oranges by eating them or drinking the juice. However, for diabetics, it’s important to know that they should eat oranges, but avoid drinking the juice. This is because, according to a study, eating oranges reduces risk of diabetes in women, but orange juice increases the risk. So, choose to eat it!


Staying healthy is extremely important for you to keep on moving forward with your life, and diabetes is a big hurdle in that. So eat healthy to stay healthy and you'll do just fine!

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