5 Healthy Foods For Hair

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Healthy and shiny hair is a dream for every girl out there. The waves and the curves - add authority to your beauty. Now, to attain healthy hair, you can apply as much shampoo and conditioners as you want on your hair, but the result won’t be that great. Why? You ask. Think for yourself, is it better to give the hair few enhancements from outside or to eat the kind of food which aids the growth of healthy hair from the inside? The latter sounds natural, right?

The food you are eating has more power than you think. It, literally, makes you. Think about it. Your shape, your skin, your hair - everything depends on what you eat.

Let’s have a look at some of the foods that help in the growth of healthy hair:


1) Spinach


This one vegetable is what I call the super-food. Its benefits are never-ending. For hair, it could be called ‘hair-savor’. It prevents hair losses due to weakness. The X-factor is the presence of folate and iron in spinach.

Iron deficiency leads to amnesia, in which, the cells can’t get enough oxygen. It causes the body weakness, fatigue and hair loss. Here, folate and iron comes into play, as folate helps in the creation of red blood cells and iron aids the cells that carry oxygen.


2) Eggs


Never underestimate eggs when you want to do anything related to health. Biotin in eggs aids in hair growth and the scalp too. If you are thinking that biotin is just another vitamin then think again, because its deficiency leads to hair loss.

Our own body makes biotin in the intestines and then it’s supplied to the whole body. But this is not always the case. Sometimes due to any sickness, the body decreases biotin levels, which is a certain death for your hair. In that case, you can always take food which contains high amount of biotin like eggs, almonds, peanuts and avocados.


3) Bell Peppers


Vitamin C is your hair’s friend! These colorful bell peppers can provide you a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C plays its role in forming a protein called collagen. It works with bones, muscles and skin; providing strength and structure for your body, which eventually helps your hair too.


4) Sweet Potatoes


Vitamin A is vital for cell growth. Its deficiency may leave you with dry skin and hair, which you definitely do not want!

Vitamin A can be formed in the body by the use of beta-carotene, which is found in sweet potatoes as well as pumpkins, carrots and kale. Why should you eat this food? Because it’s way better than taking Vitamin A Supplements!


5) Yogurt


For healthy hair, never forget to level up your calcium - and yogurt has it in abundance - even more than milk. Even one cup of fat free yogurt has more calcium than one cup of fat free milk. Any added benefits? You bet! Along with healthy hair growth, calcium also helps in the development of better nail, teeth and posture.


These are just 5 foods for your hair, but there are many more! Healthy hair adds a lot to your look than you can ever imagine. Keep your stunning looks preserved for a longer period of time by using these healthy foods and see the transformation you've always wanted!

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