The Health Benefits of Spices

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Many people use spices to add flavor to their meals, but what many people don’t know is many herbs and spices have great redeeming health benefits too. Our ancestors used spices to treat ailments and disease, but since the rise of pharmaceutical drugs, we have largely forgotten that spices have more uses than just being pleasing to the palate. From helping you to lose weight to strengthening your immune system, your spice cabinet can double as a medicine cabinet in a pinch. If you want some natural solutions to common ailments you don’t have to look any farther than your spice cabinet. Here are but a few examples of the health benefits of some common spices.


Largely used in Asian cooking this spice has some great health benefits such as being full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, making it a useful tool for those that suffer from muscle pain or arthritis. It has also been proven to help reduce nausea, especially in pregnant women experiencing morning sickness. For women that experience severe menstrual cramps, ginger is a helpful agent in helping to ease the pain by helping to relax muscles. Ginger also is known to help keep blood sugar in check for diabetics and reduce the risk of heart disease.




Cinnamon is not only a delicious addition to sweet treats or your coffee, but also a very helpful spice that can improve your health. For those that battle diabetes, cinnamon has been proven to help those who are insulin resistant to become much more receptive to insulin, allowing blood sugar levels to remain stable. Another health benefit of cinnamon is that it can help protect your body from bacterial and fungal infections.




Nutmeg is often used as a spice additive for things such as pies, cookies, and soups. This festive spice also has some surprising health benefits. For example, nutmeg can be used as a natural sleeping agent when a sprinkle is added into some warm milk or tea. This is a great alternative for those that don’t wish to be dependent on prescription sleep aides. Nutmeg can also ease common digestive problems such as constipation and an upset stomach.




Cumin is a spice common in spicy additions to food such as curry and is also present in a variety of Mexican dishes. Cumin is a good aid in digestion, even known to help prevent gas. It can also help to reduce inflammation, which is the most common cause of muscle pain.




Garlic has been used for centuries around the world as a useful herb to treat many conditions. Garlic has been scientifically proven to help you to fight off illness faster. For example, in a study those that took garlic while having the common cold experienced cold symptoms for only a day and a half, while those in the control group experienced symptoms for a full five days. Another benefit of garlic is that it is known to help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, both important factors in maintaining good heart health.


These are just a handful of examples that prove how helpful spices can be to your health, so don’t be afraid to add a little to your meals. Not only will you get to enjoy more flavorful food, but you can reap different benefits of spices. Adding spices to your food can help keep you in good health and prevent you from experiencing chronic disease later in life. Discover all of the health benefits that your spice cabinet has to hide!




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