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As can be figured out from its name, the ‘Tea Tree Oil’ is derived from the leaves of the tea tree. To avoid any confusion, the tea tree is unrelated to the tea plant that we use to make black or green teas. It is in fact extracted from the leaves of a tree growing in the southeast Australian coast.

Tea tree oil is a natural treatment for all skin problems, hair loss issues, acne concerns and other health related issues. Here are a few ways in which Tea Tree Oil could be of great assistance to you:

Helps Cure Skin Infections:

If you are sick and tired of dark spots under your eyes or disgusting pimples on your face, ‘Tea Tree oil’ is the solution for you. Use a cotton bud and wet it with a few drops of tea tree oil. Apply it on the damaged area of your skin and that’s it. You will see a considerable improvement in the treated area. ‘Tea tree Oil’ natural treatment is far better for your skin than any chemical or alcohol product treatment.

Healthy Hair:

Gorgeous hair and a healthy scalp is quite important to maintain your good looks. Nothing stings like hair loss and why should one bear it if they can avoid its grave outcome. The antiseptic qualities of the Tea tree oil help you by taking best care of your hair and scalp. Once washed with this oil, your hair remain strong and avoid the damage that may be caused by dust, smoke, hair color and other chemical products.

The natural ingredients of the Tea tree oil are way healthier than shampoos and conditioners which use polymers and additives to make their product more appealing. Such additives are harmful for your hair and scalp.

Overcome Acne Pain:

Many anti-acne face washes or creams that you might have used would contain tea tree extracts. To reduce acne, Benzoly Peroxide is a pretty effective ingredient, but tea tree oil is tested to be equally as effective as Benzoly Peroxide. Using the natural product, you can easily avoid any side-effects such as peeling of the skin.

The cure simply includes adding 2-3- drops of tea tree oil and 1 tablespoon of honey and yogurt each. Keep the layer thin and apply it on your acne affected area. Leave it as it is for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off your face. Try this treatment for a few weeks and you will see your acne disappear for good.

A Natural Cure:

Tea Tree Oil can also be used to cure Dry skin, provide relief for razor burns, help cure sore threat and bad breath along with a wide array of benefits. Not just health related, this natural product can be used as a cleaning product for your household items and it will do as good a job if not better than your other household products. So, try and make Tea Tree Oil a regular product of your daily usage and you will avoid any health related issues for good.

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