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Essential oils are the oils or essence extracted from a plant, tree, fruit or flower. These oils have been used for centuries for healing, giving users a sense of well-being and overall health. There are many essential oils available today and all that one needs is a few drops that can be placed in a pillow, a piece of cloth for inhalation, in hot water for one to enjoy the steam or through humidifiers that can carry the aroma in large rooms. Below is a list of the top essential oils and how they can give you an overall feeling of wellness.

  • Lavender: Lavender essential oils has a sweet floral aroma and can be used in baths, perfumes, massage oils, and even lotion for your skin. A variation of this oil is the Lavender spike that is a combination of lavender and eucalyptus. It is also for combining with other oils such as citrus, rosemary pine and many others. You can use lavender after a long day at work to enable you to relax and normalize. It also gives you a calm and body healing feeling when inhaled.
  • Tea Tree: This has been used for centuries and was first used in Australia. It has a spicy and warm aroma that can be combined with rosemary and nutmeg. It can be used to fight fungus, ringworms and lice. Use tea tree for relaxation and cleansing.
  • Peppermint: Its minty, menthol aroma is enough to unclog any sinuses, but undiluted peppermint can even cause your eyes to tear up. Peppermint can be used in the kitchen for cooking and helps with certain allergies (mostly to do with sinuses) and also eases digestion. Use it in a room for that cooling and revitalizing effect.
  • Calendula: Is known to be added to creams, massage oils and lotions and helps with dermatological issues such as rashes or dry skin. It is commonly known as Marigold. It is known as ‘the poor man’s saffron’ for its ability to add variations of color yellow to foods and other elements. It can be used to clear sores, sooth itching, eczema and inflamed skin conditions.
  • Chamomile: This is also known as Wild chamomile and there is also a variation known as Roman chamomile. Wild chamomile has a fresh aroma used in perfumes and oils and can be mixed with citrus oils to give a revitalizing feel to the body. Roman chamomile is known to ease insomnia, can be used to clear the skin of inflammation.
  • Eucalyptus: It is said that there are over 300 species of eucalyptus trees worldwide. Eucalyptus has a soothing and revitalizing aroma that best goes with lemon or citrus oils. You will find eucalyptus in lozenges, ointments and any medication that helps with breathing and easing up colds and flu. It is also instrumental in battling asthma and helps with overall body circulation.
  • Rose: Rose essential oils are known to have a long-lasting and rosy or flowery aroma. This is one of the most romantic and mood-setting oils available. It is found in bath oils, lotions, massage oils and even skin powders. For that great date indoors, rose will help as an aphrodisiac and is even used by people suffering from stress to gain a feeling of self-worth, self-love and even acceptance of themselves.
  • Lemon: This essential oil is characterized by a citrus ‘orange peel’ aroma. This is one of the most versatile oils because it is a great grease remover, cleaning agent and can also help with food digestion, and as an energy booster. This is not to be used on sensitive skin as it can easily irritate. It is also important that it is diluted before use at all times.
  • Rosewood: Rosewood has a woody, floral and somewhat nutmeg aroma. It originates from Brazil and can be used as an antiseptic, aphrodisiac and soothing essential oil. It is found in a number of skin products such as lotions, creams and bath oils. It makes for a great insecticide, toothache and joint pain reliever, calms down nausea and is a great anti-depressant.
  • Ylangylang: This essential oil comes from a plant known as cananga. Oils are extracted from it in multiple phases with the first extraction being known as ‘extra’. This is because of its almost narcotic aroma which is strong and is great as an aphrodisiac, stress reliever and gives you that feeling of self-love.

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