Healthy Fruit Drinks with Juicing and Blending

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Get inspired by delicious recipes in this special issue! Packed with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, these drinks make great snacks or meals - and can easily become a foundation of a health diet. Once you join the revolution of juicing and blending you will not only have more energy and a better ability to focus, but you will also look better and feel great. In addition, these superfood drinks boost your immune system and nourish  your body with necessary vitamins and minerals. The best part - the nutrients in these healthy fruit drinks are absorbed right away because your body doesn't need to break down food from a solid form. Sample the more than 100 juices , smoothies, infused waters, coffees, teas and other drinks that will have you enjoying fruits and vegetables and feeling great while doing it.

Juices and smoothies are two incredibly beneficial and healthy way of consuming vital nutrients. If you are already making these drinks, you know that drinking fresh-squeezed juice or creamy smoothies makes your feel great.  After all, when you drink juice, you're consuming a concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals and enzymes, load of age-defying antioxidants, cleansing fiber and perfect combinations of carbohydrates, fats and protein. all of these provide an overall increase in energy too. superfood drinks build a foundation of health on variety and whole foods.

Juicing is when you use either one or mix of fresh raw fruits and /or vegetables and / or herbs - in any combination and quantity - and put them through a machine called juicer. This machine them extracts the pulp - also known as the fiber - and yields the juice form those fruits and vegetables. You drink the juice part and wither discard the pulp or use it in soup, baked goods, or broths.

When you make a smoothie  you use a lender to break down the ingredients into a puree. A blender can even turn the ingredients into a liquid if you blend long enough, but the fiber is still in the final results and you're getting the whole fruits and vegetable, just in a more palatable form for your body to digest.

Juicing is infinitely simpler that creating a palatable smoothie. Because you' re not working with textures - it's juice - there is no need for a "template" as there is for smoothies, where layering or separating ingredient types into categories is key.

Reason to Juice

  • You want to quickly absorb the minerals and vitamins in the vegetables and fruits
  • You want to consume a large variety and volume of fruits and vegetables fast
  • You want a flood of nutrition without any the fiber
  • You want a hydrating drink
  • You want to rest our digestive system for at least a few hours
  • You want to detox an clean your system
  • You want to a quick energy boost
  • You are more thirsty and dehydrated than hungry

Reason to Blend

  • You want a filling meal to keep you satisfied for a few hours
  • You are in hurry and need to prepare something fast
  • You want the fiber in your fruits and vegetables
  • You want to  use some fruits - such as banana and avocado - that do not juice
  • You have both the appetite and time to consume a smoothie
  • You are more hungry than thirsty

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