The Benefits of Enzymes

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Enzymes are a major key to life. These are protein-based substances found in the cells of every living thing on earth. Without enzymes, life would cease to exist. Digestion, breathing, and metabolism is dependent on enzymes.

If your diet consists of hamburgers, French fries, and sugary soft drinks, coffee, and fast foods, you are probably deficient in the necessary enzymes needed to keep your body fueled. If your digestive system is stressed due to lack of enzymes, you may feel fatigued, have headaches, have heartburn issues and constipation problems. Without the proper supplements of enzymes, you will also gain weight.

Digestive enzymes help with the absorption of nutrients. They also help break down the food you eat. Digestion and absorption allow foods to be used as energy. Enzymes also break down the foods that build new muscles and nerve cells and protect your blood from toxins. If you have inadequate enzyme production, you will have digestive discomfort, bloating, gas, low energy and allergy-like reactions to foods.

If you are enzyme deficient, you will probably have these symptoms:

  • Problems with digestion

  • Weight issues

  • Allergies

  • Indigestion

  • Heartburn and bloating

  • Low energy and fatigue

  • Gas

  • Wounds that are slow to heal

  • Headaches and constipation

  • Stomach upset

  • Excessive aging

Digestive enzymes can be broken down into three categories: amylase, protease, and lipase. Take these digestive enzymes with meals to gain the full benefits of these types of supplements:

Amylase is an enzyme needed to break down carbohydrates. This includes white flours, sugars, whole grains and starchy vegetables. Amylase can be found in pancreatic and intestinal juices as well as in saliva. The digestive process of carbohydrates begins in the mouth as you chew your food.

Protease helps digest proteins. You must digest proteins properly, or you will have issues. Undigested protein can pass through the intestine and sneak into your bloodstream. This process is called “leaky gut syndrome” and cause allergic reactions. You may experience fever and abdominal pain with this syndrome. Proper absorption of protein is also needed for energy and the building of muscle and cell tissues.

Lipase is the enzyme that digests fat. Lipase is found in foods that contain fat, and choosing healthy fats gives your body the chance to burn fat efficiently. Lipase produced in your pancreatic and stomach juices and as well as the lipase from food foundations are needed to break down the nutrients from the fat you eat.

A good enzyme supplement or one that is a complete food grade multi-enzyme complex is composed of all plant based enzymes. Look for a good enzyme supplement that includes protease, carbohydrates and a proprietary acid stable lipase. In addition, a supplement should contain peptizymes, bromelain, hemicellulose to assist in breaking down indigestible fiber, and a prebiotic blend that cultivates healthy probiotics. Probiotics also aid in digestion and absorption.

The benefits of enzymes is incredibly beneficial to your health. Look for supplements that are formulated in FDA registered manufacturing facilities. Look for the Current Good Manufacturing Practices or cGMP sign. Full spectrum enzyme complex formulations should have no artificial ingredients that will rob you of good health.

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