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Glass straws

More and more people are using glass straws right now. I’ve been hearing a lot about glass straws lately. Not only do they provide the obvious environmental benefit (no more plastic straws in the landfill), but they also provide a health benefit.

Many plastics may leach trace amounts of toxic chemicals into food and into your body. If you use and reuse plastic straws, you might consistently expose yourself to toxins such as bisphenol-A (BPA). Glass straws, on the other hand, are reusable and leach no toxins into your food and body.

But are glass straws durable? That was my big question. I had images of stirring my smoothie with an extremely fragile tube of glass only to have it shatter in the glass. Well, let me tell you that the above scenario is extremely unlikely.

Glass straws are Toxin-Free
Manufacturers use borosilicate glass to create these straws. Therefore, they are naturally toxin-free. You can take comfort that BPA, or other toxins associated with plastic and paper straws, will not leach into your beverage.

Glass straws are more durable than Plastic or Paper straws
Although not indestructible, glass straws can and will sustain some drops and falls. Paper straws will crumble and plastic straws will flatten, especially if you have a child that likes to bite straws. Glass straws will remain the same shape from beginning to end.

Glass straws can be used with Cold and Hot beverages
Glass can handle the high temperatures of hot beverages. Although plastic straws can too, there is the concern that toxins can leach into drinks at these high temperatures. Since glass straws are naturally toxin-free, toxins will not be leaching into your hot beverages.

Glass straws are Recyclable
Most glass straw manufacturers have a 100% guarantee for their products; you can return your damaged glass straws to them to get them fixed. However, rest assured that these straws, like most things made of glass, are recyclable.

If you want something more than just a clear, glass straw, Glass straw makes straws with decorative “swirl” in red, green, blue, amber, pink and black. These give your straw some style and will help you tell yours apart from others. Everyone in the family can have their own colored straw!

Easy Cleaning
Glass straws are extremely easy to clean. Rinse them with hot water and use one of the cleaning brushes made specifically for Glass straws. You can also use a pipe cleaner, but the glass  straw cleaning brush is a great accessory and makes cleaning the straw a breeze.

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