Needle-less Clothing Hacks - Part Three

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needlessclothingpart3Want to learn some easy needle-less clothing hacks to do at home? We have the third and last part of the alluring DIY hacks which doesn’t have any sewing involved!


4) Clutch Bag

Do you love to carry clutches or purses, but don’t want to spend any more money than you already have? That's alright, because you can easily make one yourself!

What You Need?

For making a beautiful sew-free clutch you will need a dollar store place mat, craft glue, leather belt, scissors, clothespins and a hole puncher


1st Step: Folding And Gluing

You need to fold the mat, but leave about 4 inches of space at the top. The top space is for the cover of the clutch. Now use the craft glue to stick these sides and use clothespins to keep them hemmed. Now, let it dry.


When the mat is dry and the sides are hemmed together, remove the clothespins. Now, bend the top space of the mat down, this will be the cover for your clutch.


2nd Step: Fit The Belt

Fold the belt around the newly made pocket/clutch and determine the areas which should be holed in the belt. Then, use a hole puncher to punch the required holes.


The best practice is to drill a hole when the clutch is empty, in addition to another hole for a fairly full clutch.


3rd Step: Glue The Belt

After drilling holes, it’s time for you to glue the belt so it sticks to the clutch. For this purpose, only glue the belt at the back of the clutch and let the belt be free at the front.

After gluing, place something heavy on the clutch and let it dry, so that the belt and the clutch become best friends!



4th Step: Done!

No-Sew-Clutch-Bag-35Your very own clutch is now ready for you to complement your appearance! It comes quite handy when you only have a few things to carry whenever you head out.



5) Polka Dot Infinity Scarf

Scarfs go hand in hand with winter. Why? Because sweaters or jackets don’t cover the neck and ears area, and scarfs are made to fill-in this space.

Here is a chance for you to easily make a beautiful polka dotted infinity scarf without the hassles of sewing.

What You Need?

You’ll need a T-shirt. It could be of any length, but if you want a bigger scarf, the shirt should also be bigger. Other than that, you’ll also need all-surface metallic gold paint (or any other color), which would be the color of the polka dots. A foam pouncer, tape and scissors are also needed.

1st Step: Cut The T-shirt

Lay down the shirt flat. From the bottom, cut it just from above the hem and from the top, cut it from under the sleeves.

This will make a good simple scarf for you. You can even wear it now, but if you want the polka dots, follow the next steps!

2nd Step: Paint

Now, start dotting the scarf by dipping the pouncer in the paint. You can go for any design you want, be it straight dots, circle shaped dots or any other form. As long as you are okay with the design, do it!


Once you’ve dotted one side of the scarf, you’re done!


3rd Step: It’s Readyneedlessclothingpart36

Now, it’s time for you to add this newly made scarf to your winter clothing. You can go for a one long scarf by having one loop or a shorter scarf by looping it twice.



We hope you liked these simple yet beautiful clothing hacks. If you missed our previous 2 posts, you can find Part 1 here, and Part 2 here!

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